Looking Back: ‘The Rose Capital’

Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published October 4, 2018


HARRISON TOWNSHIP — While most local residents know the story of Mount Clemens as the Bath City, not all remember the days when it was known as the “Greatest Flower Nursery in the World” or simply “The Rose Capital.”

In 1882, John Breitmeyer moved his business to the city. By the 1920s, 10 rose growers, totaling more than 30 acres of flowers, were earning a million dollars annually. Not only were the flowers in demand by the local hotels and bath houses for their lavish parties and balls, but orders came in from throughout the country.

Today the extensive rose gardens are gone, but their memory lives on in vintage postcards and pictures.

—  Marie P. (Ling) McDougal, Harrison Township historian