Looking Back: Packard Proving Grounds Water Tower

By: Timothy Pontzer | Shelby - Utica News | Published October 16, 2017

Photo and caption provided by Hilary Davis, of the Shelby Township Historical Committee

This photograph, taken in August 1936 at the Packard Proving Grounds, shows Proving Grounds manager Charles Vincent, left, with his secretary, Milton Forester. They are inspecting a 1937 Packard 1500 Super 8 touring sedan that had just come off the testing areas. The model was introduced in September 1936. This photograph was given to the Packard Motor Car Foundation by Vincent’s oldest daughter, Dorothea, as a restoration guide for the water tower. Note the checkerboard pattern on the tower tank. This was required at the time because there was an emergency runway for airplanes located inside the nearby test track.