Looking Back: The Ford-Peabody Mansion

Birmingham - Bloomfield Eagle | Published May 4, 2015


The Ford-Peabody Mansion is one of Birmingham’s most iconic buildings. Frank Ford built this beautiful house in 1878 using his wife’s money. The house was designed by Almon C. Varney, a famous Detroit architect. Ford and his wife lived in the house until their daughter, Alta, and her husband, J. Bert Peabody, took over the property after they were married in 1893.

The mansion was quite large for the time. Its three stories had six bedrooms, a parlor, a sitting room, a winter and a summer kitchen, a dining room, a recreation room and a den. The Ford-Peabody Mansion has been converted into offices and is currently for sale.

— Brittany Hendryx, Birmingham Historical Museum and Park