Looking Back: Electrochef stove

Macomb Township Chronicle | Published January 8, 2014

Photo and text provided by Stan Skavery of the Macomb Township Historical Commission

MACOMB TOWNSHIP — In the 1930s, the Electrochef stove could be found at Macomb Township’s first totally electric farm, which raised dairy cattle and sold milk to the surrounding homeowners, including those living in the city of Mount Clemens.

The Electrochef was originally designed in the 1920s, and people either loved the design or found it repugnant.  Nevertheless, when it hit the market, it was advertised as sleek, stylish and modern. Indeed, it featured curved legs, smooth white metal, an accessible-height oven, a four-spiral stove and storage space set down below. Back in its day, it was regarded as an all-in-one kitchen appliance.

An early Electrochef owner described this revolutionary appliance as “a symphony of graceful, flowing lines, gleaming porcelain and sparkling metal. Completely divorced from every tradition of old-fashioned range design, Electrochef is so genuinely modern, so thoroughly in good taste as to become a ‘show piece’ in even the most pretentious kitchen. Electrochef is more than worthy of its position as America’s most beautiful appliance.”