Looking Back: 1959 The Clinton and Kalamazoo Canal Aqueduct

Shelby - Utica News | Published February 11, 2015

Photograph courtesy of Jon W. Lyon


In this photograph taken during the winter of 1959, Aaron Oswald waves from the wooden aqueduct that once carried the Clinton and Kalamazoo Canal across the Clinton River near Yates Mill. Work on the canal, which was to join Lake Michigan to Lake St. Clair across Lower Michigan, began in 1839. Only a 16-mile section from Mount Clemens to Rochester was completed before a lack of funds ended the canal project in 1844. The aqueduct started leaking soon after it was built around 1840 and continued to leak until it finally rotted away in the 1970s.

Photo and caption courtesy of Hilary Davis, of the Shelby Township Historical Committee