Local author continues murder mystery series

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published May 4, 2016

 Macomb Township resident Tony Aued recently released his third book in a local murder mystery series, “Motor City Justice.”

Macomb Township resident Tony Aued recently released his third book in a local murder mystery series, “Motor City Justice.”

Photo by Thomas Franz


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — A pair of detectives have a new task in Tony Aued’s third book in his local murder mystery series.

Aued, a Macomb Township resident, released “Motor City Justice” in early April as the third of a four-book series focused on fictional criminal investigations in Detroit.

In his most recent book, Aued again features his two main characters, Detective Amy Harper and Detective Don Frederickson, as they find themselves chasing after a drug cartel operating out of Eastern Market.

Aued said the book answers the question to a cliff-hanger stemming from his previous book, “Greektown Conspiracy.”

“It takes the reader on a bit of a roller coaster as to what happened to Detective Frederickson. Harper is not only handling the case, but a twist comes in where someone from her past shows up again and there’s possibly a bit of a love interest developing,” Aued said.

Aued added that the love interest portion of the book was not in his original plans, but came as a recommendation from peers.

“That was not my intention. I do a lot of focus groups and book clubs. When I was doing the book club on book two, about 35 members of that book club — very articulate, professional ladies — said I had to make Amy Harper and this guy have a thing for each other,” Aued said.

Drawing inspiration from the writing style of John Grisham, Aued said he spends an extensive amount of time in Detroit to plot maps of businesses and streets in order to properly convey location to readers.

“If I name a street and if I name a business on that street, that street and that business are there. If I name somebody’s office, that’s their actual office,” Aued said.

Aued even names doctors in his books after his real-life doctors. In “Motor City Justice,” his chiropractor becomes the chief of thoracic surgery in the book.

In the third book of his series, the focus shifts primarily to Harper, who Aued said is a very deep character.

“I love dominant, strong female characters because they give you more to work with than male characters do,” Aued said. “Female characters are so multidimensional. There are so many things you can do with a female character that you can’t do with a male lead character.”

Aued said he spent about 12 months writing “Motor City Justice” and roughly two months editing. He recently returned from doing book signings in Florida and Georgia, where he anticipates his next series will be based.

“There are so many interesting things in Georgia, from Atlanta all the way across,” said Aued, whose son lives in Athens, Georgia.

Aued is a member of the Shelby Writers Group, and he has sought the help of graphic designer Carl Virgilio for work on all seven of his book covers.

Aued’s books are sold at Books Connection in Shelby Township, 2nd & and Charles at Great Lakes Crossing, and Books-A-Million, which is a national chain. They are also available on Amazon and on his website, www.tonyaued.com.