Library summer reading program offers ‘Oceans of Possibilities’

By: Mary Beth Almond | Birmingham-Bloomfield Eagle | Published June 22, 2022


BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP — As the school year comes to a close, the Bloomfield Township Public Library is hoping to keep books open for people of all ages.

The library’s summer reading program kicks off June 21, giving kids, teens and adults a chance to participate in summer reading challenges and activities online for a chance to win prizes through July 31.

The library planned to host a summer reading kickoff June 21. The theme for this year’s summer reading program is “Oceans of Possibilities.” Kids could pick up a treasure map at the youth services desk and follow the map to each “island” around the youth room and outside on the youth terrace to get a stamp or sticker on their map and pick up crafts, play a game, enter the Star Reader photo booth, and sign up for the online reading program. Adults and teens could sign up for the reading challenge at the adult services desk and then test their knowledge in the Walking Track Trivia or participate in a teen scavenger hunt for prizes.

Following the kickoff, patrons are encouraged to read every day and track their progress online to earn virtual reading badges for the chance to win prizes. Participants can earn badges for every hour of reading — and each activity — they complete, and each badge they earn gets them a ticket in grand prize drawings.

“We offer the summer reading program as a way to encourage the love of reading,” said Jen Taggart, youth services department head. “Our summer reading programs at the Bloomfield Township Public Library are for all ages, but we especially encourage youth and teens to rediscover and enjoy the love of reading throughout the summer.”

One of the biggest goals of the summer reading program, Taggart said, is to help youth maintain their reading skills.

“It is a pretty well known fact that there is summer reading slide, or summer learning loss, but with the summer reading program, the more you read, the better you get at reading,” she said. “Just like a sport, to get better, you need to keep practicing at it. And it’s the same way with reading.”

“Reading during the summer is so important for students to keep up their reading skills,” said Brooke Hoskins, adult services assistant department head. “We also think that summer is a great time for students to explore different books. During the school year, they are required to read certain books, and often the youth and teens don’t have much say in what they are reading, so the summer is a great time to read what you want.”

Taggart said the summer reading program is a fun way for everyone to enjoy books of their choice, at their own pace.

“What we love about our summer reading program is that it is inclusive and it is accessible for everyone. You set your own goal,” she said.

“We encourage adults and teens to read anything — it can be books, magazines, newspapers graphic novels, comics — it all counts,” added Hoskins.

Upon signing up for the program, participants receive a free book, and when they earn their first badge, patrons receive a “Love My Library” lawn sign.

The Bloomfield Township Public Library is located at 1099 Lone Pine Road in Bloomfield Township. For more information, call (248) 642-5800, visit

Summer reading at the Baldwin Public Library

The Baldwin Public Library will be holding their Summer Reading Challenge once again for youth, teens and adults. The theme for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge is “Oceans of Possibilities.” This program sponsored by the Friends of the Baldwin Public Library will run June 10-Aug. 5.

The youth summer reading program is for all children from the time they are babies until they are incoming sixth graders. Participants will earn a point for every hour read and every activity completed. Once they earn 10 points, they will win a free book. After 20 points, they will receive a second free book. For every five tickets earned, the participant will receive five tickets for the grand prize drawing.

The teen summer reading program is for 7th-12th graders. Once registered, teens will get to take home a free teen book to keep. If they earn five points, they will win a vinyl sticker. They will also be entered in the grand prize drawing after five tickets. After earning 10 points, they will win a full-size candy bar, and after 15 points, they win a gift card to Dairy Deluxe. Once a teen earns 20 points, they can spin the prize wheel.

All adults are welcome to join the adult summer reading program. Adults will earn a point for each book read, review written and activity completed and will be entered in the grand prize drawing after five points.