Leaf And Bud Transforming Michigan’s Cannabis Industry ‘From Seed To Sell’

In-Focus | Published December 1, 2023

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METRO DETROIT — You can’t buy a mature tree. You have to plant the seed, train its roots, cultivate the land and nurture the tree as it grows stronger and flourishes.

Leaf and Bud founder and CEO Mark Savaya, Detroit’s “Henry Ford of Cannabis,” applied that same philosophy to his business, which is transforming the cannabis industry in metro Detroit and communities across Michigan by rehabilitating long shuttered (and in some cases historical) properties, employing hundreds of workers and providing the very finest products at the best prices for consumers.

“At Leaf and Bud, we cultivate in-house, from seed to sell. We do cultivation, processing and retail under one roof,” Savaya said.

Leaf and Bud is open for business at two locations in Detroit: at its headquarters on Livernois, south of Fenkell Avenue, and on Gratiot Avenue. They’re also up and running on Sherwood Avenue in Center Line, and on Dequindre Road in Hazel Park.

Other locations include Lenox Township, Battle Creek, New Buffalo (on the west side of the state) and downtown Ann Arbor (open soon).

Leaf and Bud’s products include the finest flower, gummies, oil, cartridges and accessories.

“There was a lot of R&D that went into the ‘Mark Savaya Collection,’ a lot of trial and error, lost strains and endless hours. It was finally accomplished with the triumph of the hybrid born from Lemon Cherry Gelato and Sherbert Gelato strain,” Savaya said. “This high potency euphoric strain has become immensely popular in my collection, and no one has the cut.”

Leaf and Bud is dedicated to giving back to the community by transforming properties in the neighborhoods it calls home. That includes a former Coca-Cola facility and the former Farmer Jack distribution center in Detroit, and the Sanders chocolate factory in Highland Park.

Savaya is also committed to giving those convicted of nonviolent drug offenses a second chance through employment.

“They’re the best workers. They love what they do,” Savaya said. “It’s a win-win situation. They get a second chance in life, and we give hope to the right people.”

Savaya said the success enjoyed by Leaf and Bud has allowed him to give back to hospitals, churches and shelters in the community.

“I started this business with nothing at all except my own knowledge! I ended up growing myself and growing a wonderful team with over 350 employees,” Savaya said. “I work hard for everything, and I just want to help others to be just as successful! I’m always here to help anyone in any way I can.”

Controlling its product from seed to sale and supplying its own retail inventory allows Leaf and Bud to offer customers the very best wholesale prices.

“We cultivate everything in-house, so we sell it to the consumers for the wholesale price,” Savaya said. “That’s only at Leaf and Bud. We have over 8,000 lights growing, indoor cultivation.”

Find Leaf and Bud on weedmaps.com or go to leafandbud.com for more about locations and products.