Lawrence Tech to offer new scholarship to STEM majors

By: Jacob Herbert | Metro | Published March 27, 2021

 Students pursuing degrees in a variety of technology and engineering majors are eligible to receive a scholarship worth more than $78,000 over four years.

Students pursuing degrees in a variety of technology and engineering majors are eligible to receive a scholarship worth more than $78,000 over four years.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes


SOUTHFIELD — In the founding documents written for Lawrence Technological University, the words “every student deserves an education, and finances should never get in the way” are written.

Almost 90 years later, the university has enacted a new scholarship to uphold those words.

LTU recently announced a new scholarship for students pursuing degrees in a variety of technology and engineering majors. Students are eligible to receive scholarship money totaling more than $78,000 over four years.

“I am tremendously excited,” said LTU Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost Tarek Sobh. “LTU is really the epitome of creativity in STEM education and preparing our students for job titles that don’t even exist yet. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re doing as educators. I think doing something like this enables our outreach to many different types of populations and socioeconomic subgroups ... because now we’re able to get more of these wonderful students and prepare them and give them an opportunity that maybe they wouldn’t have had before.”

LTU has made a strong effort to encourage students to pursue a degree in science, technology, engineering and math fields. The university has often partnered with local public schools to teach young students the importance of such degrees.

“At this time in this environment, a private technological degree is very needed,” said LTU Associate Provost for Enrollment Management and Outreach Lisa Kujawa. “The degrees that Lawrence offers, specifically in the STEM department, are needed in the marketplace and are the positions of the future. We’re trying to say that we are the university of the future. We’re trying to help students get the opportunity to earn these technological degrees at a value that they can be supported with, and at the same time, for jobs that might not even be created yet. We want to show the value of what a STEM degree looks like.”

In order to be eligible, students must take at least 30 credit hours of classes per academic year for all four years of their time at LTU. For students to be reviewed and approved for the STEM Scholar Award, students should apply for LTU admission, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form, and pay an enrollment deposit. For further information, email or call (800) CALL-LTU and press 1 for admissions.

“At the end of the day, what we do here is ensure,” Sobh said. “That’s been the model since our inception, that our students get out from the degree program and do not stay in the basements of their parents when they graduate. We know that if we wait for them to come and don’t do the outreach before they come, they will not be able to understand the importance of being in a major that produces gainful employment at a high level.”

At press time, the university said, roughly 50 students had already applied for the scholarship.

“The scholarship is significant financial relief for the students and their parents,” Sobh added. “We’re doing something amazingly good for the community in general and good for an industry that needs these kinds of professionals. This relief and the spectrum of professional opportunities during their undergraduate degree, in addition to the guaranteed employment in a technological job of the future, is something that is good for everyone.”