Key fob system approved for Shores dog park

By: K. Michelle Moran | Grosse Pointe Times | Published March 23, 2016

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GROSSE POINTE SHORES — To make sure that only Grosse Pointe Shores residents are using the city’s dog park — which is adjacent to the City Hall parking lot — the city will soon be installing and implementing a key fob access system at the gate.

During a meeting March 15, the City Council unanimously approved a contract with Shelby Township-based Interstate Security Inc. to install a card-access system at City Hall and the dog park for $12,335.

City Manager Mark Wollenweber said Public Safety Director John Schulte “did a lot of research” on different systems and providers before presenting the contract to the council. Wollenweber said dog park users will need to pay $50 for a key fob that will give them access to the park. When they visit city offices to get their fob, he said the city will make sure their dog or dogs are licensed with the Shores. The fob fee is a one-time-only fee, not an annual one, Wollenweber said.

City Councilman Robert Gesell said the $50 fob fee “is like a deposit.” Wollenweber agreed, saying that it’s refundable for someone who moves out of the community or no longer uses the dog park, for example.

Schulte said the dog park will feature a two-point entry system, so that users will have to swipe to enter and to exit.

“When the key fob is swiped, it will identify the dog owner on our system,” he said.

City officials hope this system eliminates people sharing their dog park access with nonresidents. Some residents have complained that nonresidents have used the park and not picked up after their dogs, as required, as well as caused other problems.

Recently revised park rules reflect dog park usage as well.

“Now (the dog park) is part of the rules,” said City Councilman Robert Barrette, the council liaison to the Parks and Harbor Committee.

After concerns were expressed about the cleanliness of a dog park water bowl — which at least one resident said has roaches living underneath it — the city is also going to be installing a new amenity so that dogs can get a drink while enjoying the park.

“We’re … going to be putting in a different fountain,” said Wollenweber, adding that Public Service Director Brett Smith is in the process of researching a different fountain.