Investigation continues into dog abuse incident in Mount Clemens

By: Julie Snyder | Mount Clemens - Clinton - Harrison Journal | Published March 4, 2016


MOUNT CLEMENS — A young shih tzu mix is reportedly recovering and in good spirits while in foster care after being thrown from a moving vehicle in Mount Clemens Feb. 29.

Macomb County Animal Control Chief Jeff Randazzo said the male dog broke his pelvis in the incident.

“He will be nursed back to health for a while; we’re hoping without a cast,” Randazzo said. “Right now we’re looking at cage healing. He’s been released from our veterinary clinic and is now in foster care.”

The incident allegedly occurred at approximately 3:35 p.m. in front of 38 N. Gratiot Ave., near the Mount Clemens Post Office.

According to Lt. John Michalke, of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office, it was originally believed that the dog was struck by a passing car, and the Macomb County Animal Control Division was dispatched to the scene.

Upon investigating the matter, however, animal control officers determined that the dog was thrown out of the passenger-side window of a dark-colored, hatchback-style sedan.

Investigators said the suspect vehicle was in the center lane and traveling northbound on Gratiot between Kibbee and Robertson when the incident occurred. The Animal Control Division sought treatment for the injured dog and contacted the Sheriff’s Office for assistance investigating the matter.

Detectives were able to examine surveillance cameras in and around the post office, located at 155 S. Main St. While the cameras were not pointed in a direction to see the dog being thrown from the vehicle, the cameras did get images of the vehicle as it pulled into the post office parking lot, the report reads.

While at the post office, the car is temporarily off-camera. However, the car is spotted again on traffic cameras as it travels northbound on Gratiot immediately after the incident. The car was observed traveling northbound through the traffic lights at Hall Road.

Randazzo said the animal has no chip and no identification tags; he was only wearing a red studded collar. He said he does not want to reveal the dog’s age because it’s a question his staff asks people who call in trying to claim him.

He is working closely with sheriff’s detectives to locate the suspect or the owner of the dog.

“We’re diligently following up on every tip, but unfortunately we’ve received no great leads,” Randazzo said after the incident occurred. “We’re working so hard on this. Obviously I’m a strong animal advocate, so it’s all I can think about.”

Anyone with information about the incident or the suspect vehicle is asked to call Detective Dave Crabtree at (586) 307-9456 or the Macomb County Animal Control Division at (586) 469-5115.

To become a foster caregiver for an animal in need, call Macomb County Animal Control at (586) 469-5115 or stop by the shelter at 21417 Dunham Road in Clinton Township.