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 Eastpointe Interim City Manager Ryan Cotton presents tips and expectations to council during its May 1 meeting at Eastpointe City Hall.

Eastpointe Interim City Manager Ryan Cotton presents tips and expectations to council during its May 1 meeting at Eastpointe City Hall.

Photo by Sarah Purlee

Interim city manager gives tips to council

By: Bria Brown | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published May 9, 2018

EASTPOINTE — Eastpointe Interim City Manager Randy Cotton took time during his first City Council meeting May 1 to present his expectations and tips to the council and the community. 

Cotton said that Mayor Suzanne Pixley is the 19th mayor he’s worked with, and the council members together make 170 members whom he’s worked with. 

Cotton said that he wanted to reduce surprises, so he will be making a presentation to the council every two weeks. 

He said that responsiveness plus efficiency, accountability and social equity equals an effective government.  

“We want to reduce surprises. Who wants the frustrustration of intransigence? And we want to have greater effectiveness if we can reduce that kind of transaction friction,” he said.

He mentioned that it was important to him to have the opportunity to listen to the public during public hearings. He also said that efficiency is good to a point, but that it’s important to have accountability and transparency. 

“Efficiency is very important to the extent it is reasonable and permissible,” he said. 

Speaking on social equity, Cotton said it is not fairness; it is more about “thinking what is necessary and appropriate for the best possible outcome for the citizens.”

“Over time, an administration that does this properly will grow to have trust, and I will do my best to earn that trust here,” he said.
While Cotton is the interim city manager, he said that the city must also do its part of using its management structure. Identifying if something didn’t meet expectations should be done early on, appropriately and as often as needed, rather than waiting for performance reviews. Lastly, if there is a concern with Cotton, he said to see Eastpointe City Attorney Richard Albright. 

He also presented his top 10 two-minute tips, which are various topics that he will touch on every two weeks.  

The list consisted of Cotton’s good government principles, which he presented during the May 1 meeting; council agenda protocol; ways for council meetings and workflow to be expedited; servant leadership and manager/coach; council-manager email etiquette in the information age; Eastpointe charter, trust and communications; organizations as brains and double-loop learning; succession planning; care and nurture of institutions; and governance — administrative/policy dichotomy and corrals. 

“These are future attractions, and the next time I will talk about council agenda protocol,” he said. 

Eastpointe Mayor Pro Tem Michael Klinefelt was pleased with Cotton’s presentation. 

“We’re really lucky to have Ryan Cotton. He invests time in improving things rather than just running administration,” Klinefelt.

“I think it’s great he’s coming in with ideas and already looking at ways for council to improve,” he added.