Hazel Park man arrested for allegedly stalking ex to Minnesota

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published January 11, 2019


HAZEL PARK — Authorities in Minnesota believe they have captured a man who traveled from Hazel Park to a city in Minnesota to track down and possibly harm his ex-girlfriend.

Shawn Kelly Thomason, 39, of Hazel Park, has been charged in the 5th Judicial Circuit of Blue Earth County in Mankato, Minnesota, with two felony stalking counts, a gross misdemeanor stalking charge, illegally installing a tracking device and domestic abuse. His public defender, Aaron Zureck, could not be reached by press time.

The suspect posted bail, but was released into the custody of the U.S. Marshals, who are now holding him without bond as he awaits federal charges, which at press time had not been filed.

According to the order of detention, Thomason traveled to Minnesota Dec. 6 “for the purpose of placing the victim under surveillance with intent to kill, injure, harass, or intimidate her, and in the course of his travel … engaged in conduct that would be reasonably expected to cause substantial emotional distress to the victim.”

According to Jeremy Clifton, commander with the Mankato Police Department, the woman had cut off communications with the suspect, but she suspected he would come looking for her after she moved to her new home in Minnesota. She brought her concerns to the police.

“She provided information that showed what looked like a pattern of harassment or stalking,” Clifton said.

The police later found two GPS tracking devices on the underside of the woman’s vehicle. Police began an active criminal investigation to look for Thomason.

“We tried to figure out how he might arrive in our state,” Clifton said. “Is it by bus, train, plane or automobile? And from there, we determined the vehicle he arrived in. We put it out to nearby law enforcement agencies, and the vehicle was located, with him inside.”

Police confronted Thomason on Dec. 7 while he was sitting inside his rental vehicle in a city near Mankato. The suspect was arrested without incident. Inside the vehicle, police found a variety of items that Thomason allegedly claimed had an innocent explanation.

These included a loaded handgun and ammunition; bags lined with foil to block cell phone signals so that he couldn’t be tracked by cell towers; women’s clothing and makeup; video cameras; gloves; electrical tape; and a script that appeared to contain what Thomason wanted to tell his ex, including lines such as “People get shot over this,” and “You will honor your commitment.”

Also in December, the FBI raided the suspect’s home in Hazel Park on a search warrant.

Kevin Smith, the public affairs officer with the Minneapolis division of the FBI, commended the work of authorities, finding the suspect before he found his intended target.

“That’s what we call staying ahead of the threat,” Smith said.