Hazel Park man accused of trafficking child pornography

Images found on cellphone in Oklahoma led to national investigation

By: Andy Kozlowski | Madison - Park News | Published May 1, 2013

Marc Barron

HAZEL PARK — A local man is in custody after the Computer Crimes Unit of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office linked him to child pornography found on a cellphone left in a Days Inn room in Sallisaw, Okla., last November.

Marc Barron, 43, of Hazel Park, was arraigned by Magistrate James Paterson in a video arraignment at Hazel Park 43rd District Court Friday, April 12, three days after his arrest April 9. At press time, he was being held in Oakland County Jail on $500,000 cash bond or surety.

Barron was charged with six counts of using a computer to commit a crime, a seven-year felony; three counts of distributing child sexually abusive material, a seven-year felony; and three counts of possessing child pornography, a four-year felony. The charges can stack. Barron will return to court for a preliminary exam May 7.

A hotel employee discovered the cellphone that kicked off the multi-jurisdictional investigation. The images came from a number originating within Oakland County. The investigation required the examination of multiple electronic devices.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard was alarmed at what they allegedly found inside Barron’s home in the 100 block of West Harry.

“His house had a great deal of finger-paintings from kids on the walls,” Bouchard said. “One of the rooms looked like an elementary school, with the cursive forms on the walls, and multiplication tables. Clearly, these rooms had seen activity with kids. His own kids are grown up, so we’re trying to determine whether people in the area have kids who visited his home. That’s what we’re now trying to determine.”
Bouchard said that Barron not only was in possession of the child pornography and circulating them to others across the country, but Barron was also allegedly making requests for images he wanted to see.

“One of the requests were images of children being sexually assaulted,” Bouchard said. “There were communications where he was offering to trade pictures of underage children, but also requesting images of children basically being raped.”
Detectives are still trying to determine the identities of the children being abused in the pictures.

“This is still very actively under investigation,” Bouchard said. “That goes to my point that if anyone has kids who visited that home (in the 100 block of West Harry), and they have concerns or information that can add to this case, we would like them to contact us.”

To contact the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, call (248) 858-4954.