Plans are still being developed for a new Clinton-Macomb Public Library North Branch building to be built in Macomb Township, with the hope of opening it in 2020.

Plans are still being developed for a new Clinton-Macomb Public Library North Branch building to be built in Macomb Township, with the hope of opening it in 2020.

Photo by Erin Sanchez

Growth expected to continue in Macomb Township throughout 2018

By: Joshua Gordon | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published January 24, 2018

MACOMB TOWNSHIP — With 2018 well underway, Macomb Township Supervisor Janet Dunn expects the theme of the year in the township to be very similar to what it has been in recent years — growth.

Dunn said the township received around 500 building permits in 2017, and the planning and engineer departments are constantly bringing agenda items to the Board of Trustees that deal with new single-family or condo developments.

With the Macomb Township Hall and Recreation Center sitting just south of 25 Mile Road in the northeast quadrant of the township, Dunn said she expects that to be a popular area for developers to look at.

“There is no indication that building permits are going to slack off, and with more houses comes more people and more things you have to deal with as a township,” Dunn said. “The whole quadrant where this building sits is fairly undeveloped, and I think it will take off.

“When everything in your backyard is working the way it is supposed to, you tell friends and former neighbors to move out here, and we expect that to keep going.”

Another big focus will be the first year of a new five-year Parks and Recreation master plan that was approved by the trustees in December.

Dunn said she was surprised so many residents who responded to a survey wanted a farmer’s market, as there are several fruit and vegetable markets at major intersections. But, since that is something residents want, they will look into where that may fit in the township.

Part of the master plan also called for developing new park land. The board already approved some engineering to be done on a potential park at the corner of 24 Mile and Foss roads, and Dunn said they are already looking at other pieces of property for a park, although she could not say where.

“We have talked with a few people, and we don’t need anymore football or baseball fields, so we are looking for more of a playground where people can go with their kids,” Dunn said. “There are other things we can do, such as put a dog park (at 24 Mile), but we will wait to see what engineering comes forward with.”

Besides homes and condos being built, the township is also going to continue with two new public property developments in 2018 — a new fire station and a new library.

The township is already underway in looking at a joint fire and police station building just east of the intersection of 23 Mile and Romeo Plank roads. The location would be the same lot as the current Macomb Township Fire Station No. 1, a Macomb County Sheriff’s Office substation, a communications tower and a senior center.

Fire Chief Robert Phillips said a year ago that there have been studies into updating that fire station for more than a decade, and a road-widening project on 23 Mile would require the station to be moved further from the road.

Phillips said the current condition of the station hinders his department in having to park trucks and equipment at a different station instead of having them centrally located in the township.

Dunn said the project is still in the planning stages, but some decisions will need to be made this year to keep the development moving forward. Part of the struggle is working around the cell tower, she said, but they have seen some quality preliminary plans.

“To do some preliminary work that needs to be done, the current fire station will have to be torn down, which means we will have to move fire department personnel and police officers,” Dunn said. “That will probably take a lot of time to get up and rolling, and it is under the direction of our fire chief, but he keeps us all informed of decisions we have to make.”

The new Clinton-Macomb Public Library North Branch is being built near the township hall and will be between 25,000 and 30,000 square feet. It is expected to open in 2020.

Population growth has been a major factor in the need to build a bigger library in Macomb Township, and a 2014 supplemental millage that was approved will help fund the development, with no new tax increase needed to build it.

Dunn said they are dealing with some drain issues in the area for the new library and working to make it more friendly for animals to make it ready for development.

Overall, Trustee Tim Bussineau said he is excited to see continued growth in the township in 2018.

“I think our growth speaks volumes for our community and schools and the way of life in the township,” he said. “In spite of everything going on, people are still choosing to build and live in Macomb Township.”