A gourmet market will be taking over the vacant half of 10099 W. 11 Mile Road in Huntington Woods, which also houses Studio Eleven salon.

A gourmet market will be taking over the vacant half of 10099 W. 11 Mile Road in Huntington Woods, which also houses Studio Eleven salon.

Photo by Mike Koury

Gourmet market to fill vacancy in Huntington Woods

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published November 12, 2018


HUNTINGTON WOODS — After a bit of confusion, the vacant half of 10099 W. 11 Mile Road will be vacant no more.

A gourmet market will take over the vacant space next to Studio Eleven salon, though another business was close to moving into the building as well.

At the Oct. 23 City Commission meeting, a presentation was made by Elie Wine Co. for a proposed business plan at the 11 Mile space.

The owner of Studio Eleven and the 10099 W. 11 Mile Road location, Liz DeRoven, was confused by the presentation, as she was still talking to two other businesses about occupying the space and felt like the meeting was introducing Elie Wine Co. as the newest business in Huntington Woods.

“There’s no signed lease. I don’t know why you’re having a City Council meeting announcing what I’m putting next door to me when it’s not what I’m putting next door. Like, it could be, but I have three other people solidly looking at the space, talking to attorneys with leases. Like, it wasn’t a done deal in any way, shape or form,” she said.

City Manager Amy Sullivan said the reason there was a presentation at the meeting was because the business would have needed a Class C liquor license, which ultimately would have had to be approved by the City Commission.

“The individual that was interested in pursuing this business didn’t want to go through the expense of hiring an architect and designing plans and hiring an attorney and going through the whole lease and finding out at the end that the City Commission was uncomfortable with that type of business in its location,” she said.

The meeting, Sullivan said, between the commission and Elie Wine Co. was to see if there would have been any issues with the business, as opposed to finding any at the end of the process.

“It was more like pre-emptive,” she said. “Getting your ducks in a row before you start laying out money on bringing in experts for the build.”

After the meeting, DeRoven said the gourmet market made an offer to put a down payment for a lease and securing the location.

“It was just a weird situation that Huntington Woods set up and put Elie Wine Co. in the City Council meeting without ever saying anything to me and fully knowing that there was no lease signed,” she said. “There’s no hard feelings between Elie and I. I love him and I loved his business. It was just a matter of (someone else) was ready first and signed the lease.”

Sullivan said she thought she made the situation clear at the meeting, but apparently she didn’t, but she said she had a conversation with DeRoven on why the meeting was taking place.

DeRoven disagreed, though she did say Sullivan apologized for any confusion.

As for Elie Wine Co., the owner, Elie Boudt, said he has no ill will toward DeRoven, though he was puzzled by the whole situation.

“I was puzzled because I walked away from the city meeting with the city happy with the project and the landlord was happy with the project and, of course, I heard through the broker that it was signed with another suitor,” he said.

Though his business won’t be adding a location at that specific 11 Mile spot, Boudt said he’s still looking into bringing another Elie Wine Co. location to Huntington Woods.    

“It’s a community that means a lot to me,” he said. “It’s a community that is mostly friends, and friends that are like family to me.”