GM, local dealership plan new investments in Warren

By: Eric Czarnik | C&G Newspapers | Published June 22, 2015

A stretch of Van Dyke Avenue in Warren is seeing signs of redevelopment as General Motors and a local dealership have committed to investing in the area.

In May, GM announced that its Warren Technical Center in Warren is poised to undergo an estimated nine-figure investment toward renovation and expansion.

GM spokesman Dan Flores said the automaker opened the Tech Center in the 1950s, and it has served as a core hub of vehicle development and design as well as research and development.

He said that while the company has invested in the Tech Center over the years, this new commitment to renovate the entire center will be more involved, totaling about $1 billion over the next three or so years, through the 2018 calendar year.

The move will also bring new jobs to the area besides the already estimated 19,000 on the campus, Flores said.

“Through that process, we anticipate that we’ll have about 2,600 new jobs,” he said. “Not only does this new investment allow us to strengthen our core business in Warren … this is also about giving to the local community because we’re bringing in more professional, good paying jobs to Warren, and we’re excited about that as well.”

Additionally, a bit of Prestige is expected to arrive across the street from the Tech Center, as the Prestige Automotive Group broke ground on an upcoming Cadillac dealership location June 17 on Van Dyke north of 12 Mile Road. Prestige Cadillac currently is located on 11 Mile Road in Warren.

The dealership is expected to move to the new location and open in 2016, and it expects to invest more than $8 million into the project.
According to Renae Logan, director of marketing at Prestige Automotive Group, the company chose to put a dealership on Van Dyke to be in a convenient automotive hub that not only is close to GM but also to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Sterling Heights Assembly Plant and a diverse customer base in Macomb County.

“More of our traffic patterns, our consumer patterns, fall in that whole hub,” she said. “The location, we feel, is perfect. It gives us a great opportunity to market to the surrounding area.”

Learn more about Prestige Automotive Group in St. Clair Shores by visiting or by calling (586) 773-1550. Prestige Cadillac’s current location, 8333 East 11 Mile Road in Warren, may be reached by visiting or by calling (586) 782-4147.