Fraser Public Schools welcomes four new district leaders

By: Brendan Losinski | Fraser-Clinton Chronicle | Published September 21, 2022









FRASER — Students in Fraser Public Schools recently returned to classes and were greeted by four new principals and assistant principals who are helping lead the district.

One comes from outside the district, while the other three were promoted from positions where they were already educating Fraser students.

Lindsay Samassa has taken over the role of assistant principal at Fraser High School.

“My experience in education includes five years’ teaching experience as an English language arts teacher,” said Samassa. “I have had four years’ previous experience as an assistant principal at Cabrini High School and Wagar Middle School in Carleton, Michigan.”

Samassa stressed her desire to set high standards for her students and build connections with families in the district.

“As an assistant principal, I believe I bring a strong desire to help all students succeed and reach their highest potential. I set high expectations for myself, and I want to ensure that students have high expectations for their future. Moreover, I am a strong communicator and relationship builder,” she said. “Being new to the district, I hope to build strong relationships with our staff, students, and school community. That is one of my top priorities. I think that students need to know they have you as a support and motivator to do well and succeed in school.”

Eisenhower Elementary School is now led by Jennifer Kelley, who has worked at Eisenhower for several years already.

“I started my career teaching kindergarten and first grade in Ferndale Public Schools,” she said. “Ten years ago, I joined the Eisenhower School community as the Title I coordinator. I am thrilled to continue my journey with an amazing team of educators.”

She described her focus as fostering connections and a positive outlook in the Eisenhower community.

“I pride myself on making true connections with all our students, parents and families. Relationships are key to making our students feel safe, nurtured and ready for academic growth. My favorite part of my day is greeting all our Eagles at the front door with a personal greeting, high-five or hug,” said Kelley. “My goal this year is to cultivate an environment that is filled with positivity, motivation and personal growth for all. I am so proud to be a part of the Eisenhower community and look forward to a wonderful year ahead.”

Keith E. Tonn took over as the principal of Mark Twain Elementary, after previously serving as the principal at Eisenhower.

“I’m the ‘new’ principal at Mark Twain Elementary,” he said. “I transitioned from Eisenhower to Mark Twain this year. I served as Ike’s principal for the last four years. Prior to this, I served as an elementary classroom teacher, and elementary and middle school principal in a neighboring district. This is my 25th year in public education.”

He hopes to get to know the families at Twain and lauds the progress Fraser schools have been making.

“My own children started in Fraser as kindergarten students more than 10 years ago. Working in the field, I was always impressed with the quality of programs and services being offered in Fraser. That being the case, when the opportunity availed itself, I was able to make the move to Fraser Public Schools,” he said. “As the new principal at Twain, I am looking forward to getting to know the students, families and staff this year. I also look forward to expanding on the wonderful programs Twain has and getting families back in the building to enjoy events. This is a great community, and I’m thankful to be part of it.”

Amy Porter is the new principal of Walt Disney Elementary School and is a longtime veteran of Fraser Public Schools.

“I come to this position with more than 17 years of education experience, all within the Fraser Public Schools system,” she said. “I began my professional journey teaching high school math for ten years. In addition to teaching, I coached girls’ basketball and softball at Fraser High School. I have spent the last seven years of my career serving as an assistant principal of Fraser High School.”

She said she hopes to continue the strong results that Disney has been showing and build new relationships at the elementary school.

“As the new principal of Disney, I am looking forward to building collaborative relationships and getting to know the community at Disney Elementary. The students, staff and families at Disney are what make this such a special place,” Porter said. “I am excited to continue the wonderful traditions of Disney and to help grow our learners to reach their best versions of themselves.”