Patrons of the Fraser Library can attend a question and answer session with library administrators on Tuesday, June 20, to discuss library plans and events such as the Spring Fling, pictured.

Patrons of the Fraser Library can attend a question and answer session with library administrators on Tuesday, June 20, to discuss library plans and events such as the Spring Fling, pictured.

Photo provided by Fatima Syed

Fraser Library to host public Q&A with board, director

By: Brendan Losinski | Fraser-Clinton Chronicle | Published June 7, 2023


FRASER — The Fraser Public Library is inviting the community to join in a casual question and answer conversation with its board members and library director on Tuesday, June 20.

Called “Cookies and Questions with Fraser Public Library,” the event will take place at 6:30 p.m. at the Fraser Lions Club, 34540 Utica Road.

“The decision to host this event was made by the library staff and board in light of the recent millage campaign, updates to the building, future plans, and the intention to address any questions or concerns related to the utilization of the millage funds,” said Kyle Burley, treasurer of the Library Board.

“The Fraser Public Library Board as well as staff felt very strongly about providing Fraser residents with the proper opportunity to address their concerns and ask any questions they might have regarding the library,” added Marketing and Development Coordinator Fatima Syed. “We have always appreciated the support and love we receive from our community and ultimately. The library’s goal is to be a safe and inclusive space for the people of Fraser, so our community’s input is extremely important to us.”

This is something new for the Fraser Library, and the hope is that it will ensure the library is operating in accordance with the wishes of the community as it makes future plans.

“This is the first time the library has organized an event of this nature,” said Burley. “The library hopes to accomplish several things through this event. They aim to provide clarity on the future plans of the library, how the new millage funds will be utilized, and the updates to the library building itself. Additionally, the board and staff want to engage with the community, gather feedback, and address any issues or questions raised by the public.”

The decision to host the event at the nearby Lions Club was made prior to the car accident on May 21 in which a vehicle slammed through one of the walls of the library building.

“The event is being held at the Lions Club instead of the library, primarily due to space constraints,” said Burley. “The Lions Club was kind enough to offer their venue, and the library staff found it a suitable location to accommodate the expected turnout and allow for a meaningful discussion with the community.”

Syed said that Cookies and Questions will not be affected as a result of the accident.

“The incident with the car accident at the library does not affect our Cookies and Questions event,” she said. “While the library building remains closed for now due to the extensive damage to the property, the event on June 20 is being held at Fraser Lions Club and no changes are being made to the scheduled event as of right now.”

Among the topics to be covered are decisions the library can now make after the passage of a millage supporting the library.

“This event follows our recent millage vote,” Burley explained. “The library board and staff want to take the opportunity to discuss the outcome of the campaign, provide information on the programs and initiatives that will be supported by the millage funds, and address any related concerns.”

Library staff and leadership are encouraging library patrons to get to know who operates their library a little better and to invite them to make their voices heard when it comes to what they want to see from their local library.

“I strongly encourage readers in Fraser to attend this event, you can gain clarity on the future plans of the Fraser Library, including updates to the building and the use of new millage funds,” said Burley. “Additionally, you have the chance to actively engage with the library staff and board, providing feedback, sharing ideas, and helping to shape the library’s future. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect, contribute, and clarify.”