Firefighters rescue dog from underneath garage

By: Terry Oparka | Troy Times | Published August 6, 2014

Troy firefighters rescued a dog just after 11 a.m. July 28 that had gotten into the crawl space under a home on Trombley, in the Livernois and Big Beaver area, and then went through a foundation wall and found itself trapped under an attached garage.

Troy Assistant Fire Chief David Roberts explained that while the Troy Fire Department does not routinely respond to calls “to cats in trees, we have, and will, respond, nonemergency, to assist in removing pets from harm. We realize that pets are members of the family, and in offering assistance, we may prevent their owners from taking unnecessary risks to themselves to effect a rescue attempt.”

According to reports, a woman called police to report that she hadn’t seen her dog, a schnauzer, since the day before, July 27, and then heard the dog underneath the home July 28. The police arrived and asked Oakland County Animal Control and the Troy Fire Department for help to extricate the dog from under the garage.

“The dog couldn’t find its way out,” Roberts said.

Roberts said that firefighters gained access to the dog though the crawl space, but the foundation was too thick to chisel through, so firefighters removed a 3 foot by 2 foot section of the concrete garage floor with a jackhammer. Police and animal control officers found the dog alive and turned it over to the owner.

“It was a team effort,” Roberts said. “The dog was OK and happy to be reunited with the owners.”

Roberts said it took just less than an hour to extricate the dog.

According to reports, firefighters filled the hole in the garage floor temporarily with the broken concrete and put a barrier in front of the hole in the foundation wall where the dog had crawled through. Fire officials advised the woman to call a contractor to have the wall and floor repaired, Roberts said.