Find good deals and community at the Harper Woods Spring Flea Market

By: Brendan Losinski | Advertiser Times | Published April 16, 2019

 The second annual Harper Woods Spring Flea Market will take place in Johnston Park May 11.

The second annual Harper Woods Spring Flea Market will take place in Johnston Park May 11.

Photo provided by Charlette Jones

HARPER WOODS — The second annual Harper Woods Spring Flea Market will return in May to offer residents a chance to head outside, meet their neighbors and try to find some new treasures.

The event is organized by the Harper Woods Neighborhood Economic Development Committee. It is the second time that it has hosted the event, and committee members said it will be a great help toward their efforts to improve the city.

“The NEDC is a group of volunteers that has several committees, such as beautification committees or business committees, and we are part of the activities committee, and we try to build community relations,” said event organizer Charlette Jones. “We use the money we raise to help with other events that work to improve the city in various ways.”

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 11, at Johnston Park, 20221 Beaconsfield St. Spaces cost $15 each, and the event will take place rain or shine.

“The price is reasonable; it’s a great opportunity to make a little money while getting rid of things you no longer want,” said NEDC member Margrit Poynter. “Plus, there’s always people who love to sell at flea markets and people who love to go to flea markets.”

Poynter also said that having it in the spring is perfect timing for many Harper Woods residents for a number of reasons.

“What stands out to me is that at the end of April, we have our Harper Woods Earth Day event, which gives people a chance to clean up, and this lets people sell everything they dug out and decided they don’t want, and sell it in a way they get to see their neighbors,” she said. “People are finally going outside again after winter too. It rounds out the spring cleaning season very well.”

Those interested can call City Hall at (313) 343-2500 to register or if they have any questions. People must register by Thursday, May 9, and spaces are limited.

“The price is $15 for a standard parking space, and whatever you can fit in your parking space you can sell. There are a few exceptions. People cannot sell livestock of any kind. People can ask if they have any odd items they aren’t sure about,” Jones said. “Last year, we had a variety of items being sold by people. We had everything from antiques to fresh-baked cookies to household items like handmade wind chimes.”

Besides aiding the beautification efforts of the city, the flea market also was created as a social event for people. Creating more social opportunities is one of the main goals of the NEDC.

“We were trying to come up with new ways last year to bring the community together and raise money, and the flea market came out of that brainstorming. We liked it because it accomplished that,” said Jones. “If you’ve never been and want to know what Harper Woods is trying to be, this is a great event to drop by and see.”

The organizers promise a fun experience for all involved.

“We hope everybody comes out, rain or shine,” Jones said. “Last year, people sold a lot of things they had forgotten they even had. We had a wonderful time. It couldn’t have gone better.”

“In our mission, we want to build community spirit,” added Poynter. “People come out to the flea market, they make new friends, they form connections and they have a good time.”

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