Ferndale to replace West Troy water main during ‘dot’ construction

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published February 24, 2020


FERNDALE — The Ferndale City Council unanimously approved at its Feb. 10 meeting a project to replace the water main on West Troy Street while construction on “The dot” continues.

The project proposed to council was for contractors D’Angelo Brothers Inc. to complete the water main replacement for $163,176. Because The Development on Troy mixed-use parking structure currently is undergoing construction and West Troy is closed down, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works Daniel Antosik said the aim is to replace the water main while the road already is ripped up.

The other two companies that bid to complete the project were Superior Excavating Inc., for $209,512, and DiPonio Contracting Inc., for $209,895.

There is a “tight” time window on the project, Antosik said, with substantial completion estimated to be in 14 days. Once the crane for The dot moves off-site, he continued, the city and D’Angelo Brothers can mobilize and begin work on the water main.

“If you were to choose not to approve this project, what would then happen is, at a later date, we would still — pending your approval — go through with the water main replacement on West Troy,” he said. “But at that point, we would be tearing up new streetscape and road and then replacing that. So the one nice thing we have here is, since that’s already going to happen, we’re not going to be eating the cost twice for road resurfacing and streetscape repairs due to the water main project.”

Last April, there was a water main break along West Troy adjacent to the construction site that required the water supply to be shut off. This impacted businesses located in the area, as the repairs took a couple of days to fix.

Antosik said the replacement of this water main is not solely due to that water main break.

“We’re not just replacing this water main just because we had that water main break,” he said. “It’s just on our schedule, list of replacements and stuff like that now that we actually have a nice opportunity to rip up a road that’s already getting ripped up.”

Jeff King, owner of multiple West Troy businesses including Public House and Antihero, told the council that his businesses were directly affected by the water main, as it has been bringing silt into one of his buildings on a continual basis.

“When I hear that it’s the city who is responsible, it would be my contention that it’s the builder who’s responsible for the break,” he said. “They should have insurance that covers. It’s a mistake, and we understand that nobody did anything on purpose, but wouldn’t there be insurance that covers a break and costs to a business owner in the tune of $12,400 that I spent that did not solve the problem.”