FEMA grant to bring new fire engine to Roseville

By: Kristyne E. Demske | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published June 15, 2016

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ROSEVILLE — A new fire engine will be rolling into Roseville, thanks to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters Grants.

The city will receive approximately a half-million dollars to purchase equipment and replace a 1993 fire engine through the program, which requires a 10 percent match, said Fire Chief Mike Holland.

“You were able to apply for one equipment grant and one equipment vehicle grant; this is the first time we’ve received both of them,” he said. Receiving the grant for a new vehicle was surprising enough, he said.

“Those are extremely rare,” he said.

Roseville received $407,058, including a 10 percent match from the city, to purchase the new fire engine, which will replace a 1993 engine with 98,000 miles and 7,855 hours on it. With the equivalent of one hour of use equaling 11 miles, the vehicle has the equivalent of 358,268 miles on it, Holland said. The new engine will be located at the Frazho Road fire station.

Holland said that it can take about six months to build a brand-new fire engine, but the department routinely investigates purchasing already-built or demonstration models when it replaces a vehicle to save time and money. Otherwise, the specifications will go out for bid.

The city also received a grant of $118,500, including a 10 percent match, for a physical fitness program for the Fire Department.

The program will pay for six of the department’s 41 firefighters to be trained as personal trainers, and also will pay for a nutritionist to come in and teach members of the department how to cook healthier food for themselves.

The firefighters will receive physical examinations to assess their fitness levels and personalized physical fitness programs. Plus, the grant will replace fitness equipment at each of the department’s two stations with equipment tailored to address the needs of firefighters.

“It really helps our firefighters for nailing down their physical fitness for the job at hand,” Holland said. “Over half the firefighters that pass away ... are passing away due to cardiac issues of some sort. This is a big issue for us.”

The current fitness equipment at the department is at least a decade old, and much of it is older.

U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters announced the grants for Roseville and Hamtramck, which received $5,410 for new equipment, on June 2.

“Thanks to these new resources, these brave men and women will have the equipment they need to help them do their jobs more safely and effectively,” Stabenow said in a press release.

Peters agreed.

“First responders play a central role in keeping our communities safe when disaster strikes,” he said in a press release. “Today’s announcement will help ensure that fire departments in Roseville and Hamtramck have the resources needed to respond effectively to emergencies.”

The Roseville Fire Department has another new vehicle on the way as well: a $793,313 quintuple combination ladder truck from Pierce Manufacturing that is scheduled to be delivered to the headquarters fire station and be completely in service by Aug. 1. That new truck will replace a 1989 model.

“It’s the third ladder truck that (the) Roseville Fire Department has had over the past 55 years,” Holland said. “They last a long time.”

That truck was ordered in December 2015. The department currently has three fire engines and one quint ladder truck.