Father, daughter arrested for alleged drug transaction with student

By: Nick Mordowanec | Fraser - Clinton Township Chronicle | Published March 9, 2016

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FRASER — A father and daughter were arrested by police Feb. 10 after allegedly distributing marijuana to a Fraser High School student.

Fraser Lt. Mike Pettyes said the incident occurred Feb. 9, after an unidentified student asked the daughter, Caitlin Smith, 18, if she knew how to acquire marijuana.

On what was a half day at school, Caitlin allegedly caller her father, Martin Smith, 47, to see if he could help. He reportedly drove to the school to pick up his daughter and her friend and then went to a nearby location.

“He didn’t want to do the drug deal on school property, so they drove to 7-Eleven,” Pettyes said.

After the alleged transaction, the students were dropped back off at school and everyone went about their day, Pettyes said.

The father-daughter duo was caught when students reported the suspicious behavior to school administrators. Pettyes said no marijuana was transferred visibly in a classroom, but the phone call to Martin Smith was allegedly made while inside the high school, and some students recognized something was wrong.

“Some students overheard this, reported it — which we’re happy to see — and the school investigated and found it to be true, so they contacted the Fraser Department of Public Safety,” Pettyes said. “It’s commendable. We need more of that.”

Caitlin was reportedly expelled due to her alleged involvement.

“It’s very rare,” Pettyes said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever heard of this happening — a father and daughter facilitating drug transactions in a school of all places.

“The only thing is that the school’s got a reputation they are concerned about. They did the right thing, let us know and we jumped right on it. A lot of times the schools are worried about their reputation.”

The father and daughter were arraigned March 1 in 39th District Court in Roseville on felony charges of delivering and possessing marijuana. They face up to four years behind bars.

Martin Smith’s bond was set at $50,000, with 10 percent cash/surety. Caitlin’s bond was $10,000, with 10 percent cash/surety. At press time, court officials could not indicate whether either was released on bond.

Defense attorney James Sullivan represented the duo during their arraignment. He could not be reached for comment at press time. The two are next expected in court March 9.