14-year-old arrested following Farmington Hills fires

By: Jonathan Shead | Farmington Press | Published October 22, 2019


A 14-year-old Farmington Hills boy was arrested the evening of Oct. 22 following two fires that occurred over the weekend at Fairmont Park Apartments. 

Farmington Hills police believe the boy is responsible for the fires.

According to a press release, the first fire, which left a parked vehicle burned, occurred at approximately 8:24 p.m. Oct. 18. The second fire was found in a vacant apartment within the complex at approximately 8:08 p.m. Oct. 19. Police believe both fires were set intentionally as acts of arson. 

Both fires were extinguished quickly, and no injuries were reported. 

While patrolling the area at approximately 9 p.m. Oct. 22, Farmington Hills police and the South Oakland Narcotics Intelligence Consortium witnessed the suspect entering an unoccupied apartment at the complex. 

Farmington Hills Assistant Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez said that based on the suspect description and his actions — attempting to enter a vacant apartment — police on the scene tried to confront him, but he fled on foot. 

Police apprehended the suspect shortly after while he was still in the apartment complex. 

Rodriguez said he is unsure of the charges that may be brought against the suspect, though he said the charges for arson are the same whether one is tried as a minor or as an adult. “That I don’t exactly know. We won’t know that until the Prosecutor’s Office reviews and makes their decision.” 

Rodriguez isn’t completely sure of how the fires were started or what the suspect’s motivations were. His detectives are still working on putting those pieces together. 

The Fairmont Park Apartments are located on Nine Mile Road, between Drake and Gill roads.

The information provided by the public and the cooperation of the Fairmont Park Apartment management staff during the investigation were critical to the apprehension of the suspect, Rodriguez said. 

“We appreciate, always, getting information from the public, and our cooperation with the management at the apartment was instrumental in putting this whole thing together, so we appreciate their patience and all their assistance,” he said. “We’re obviously very proud of all the officers that were involved in the apprehension and investigation in this case. They spent a lot of hours looking for this person who we felt was very dangerous.

“It certainly had the potential to be a lot worse if those fires were to have spread.”