Family’s van stolen from Warren hospital

Online appeal set up to replace vehicle for couple with medical conditions

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published March 4, 2015

 A white 2001 Chrysler Voyager bought a week earlier by Judy and Frank Moore, of Warren, was stolen outside of the St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital on Feb. 17.

A white 2001 Chrysler Voyager bought a week earlier by Judy and Frank Moore, of Warren, was stolen outside of the St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital on Feb. 17.

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WARREN — A trip to the emergency room is a bad day for any family. Finding the family van missing when it was time to go home became an almost impossibly cruel case of piling on for one Warren couple.

It happened to the Moore family on Feb. 17, when 75-year-old Judy Moore was taken to the St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital at 12 Mile and Hoover for treatment of severe anxiety.

“My sister parked the van. She parked it out in front of the hospital and not at the emergency room, because there was no parking out there,” Moore’s daughter, Robin Moy, said.

After more than six hours in the ER with their mom, Moy said her sister, Judi Moore, went to get the van as the family was getting ready to leave.  At 7:35 p.m., Judi noticed a blue van parked where she thought the family’s white 2001 Chrysler Voyager was.

It turned out that the Voyager was taken just minutes before — the theft was reportedly captured on surveillance video — by thieves in a classic case of drop-and-switch. The blue van, also stolen, was abandoned where the Voyager had been.

The Moore family bought the used Chrysler van just a week before it was stolen.  Its size and number of doors met their needs to transport both Judy and her husband, Frank Moore, to their medical appointments.

“Very, very shocking,” Judy Moore said of the theft. “I have a hard time talking about it now. We scraped and we scraped and even borrowed some money from my granddaughter to get that car, and we only had it a week,” she said.

Robin said her mom and her father, who is 78, both have significant health challenges that require treatment and drain their limited financial resources.

Despite a list of afflictions including diabetes, kidney disease and ulcerative colitis, Judy Moore still works at Wal-Mart in Shelby Township. Frank Moore has undergone brain surgery and suffered a stroke.

“I’m still working every day. It seems like it’s for nothing,” Judy Moore said. “So somebody can steal it?”

Her granddaughter, Tanya Civiello, said she chipped in to help buy the van so her grandparents could travel together. The couple’s other van didn’t have heat or working windows.

“Between all their medical issues, they are not the best-off couple,” Civiello said. “They could both travel together finally, with my grandpa’s mobility being so bad now.

“I was not happy when I found out on Facebook. My mom posted something. I was like, ‘I just paid for this van. What do you mean the van’s stolen?’ Just to think that somebody would steal the van from an emergency room. I don’t understand that,” Civiello said.

It was no consolation when the van was later recovered wrecked in Detroit, and the family was still looking for answers Feb. 25.

Moy said they turned to the Internet community for assistance, hoping people who know her parents — and know that they’d been there to help their friends and neighbors over the course of their lives — will step up to help them now.

The family has set up an appeal at in hope of raising money to replace the van. Their page,, can also be found through a keyword search on the site for the phrase, “Help Moore family, victims of theft.”

“Read the story. Everything is in there that they’ve gone through,” Civiello said. “Any donation helps. Even a share on Facebook or Twitter would help, just to get the word out there.”