Published March 9, 2016

METRO DETROIT — There’s nothing like a wreath on the front door to meet your guests with a cheerful greeting.

But for some, Christmastime is the only season the door is treated to any kind of embellishment. And that’s a shame, because there are so many options to choose from when it comes to buying — or even creating — a springtime wreath.

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Published March 2, 2016

Mother Nature hasn’t been her usual crabby self this season. But despite a remarkably mild winter, metro Detroiters are still ready to see some sunshine and beautiful buds in the flower beds.

If that sounds like you, you’re probably ready to get a jump on spring by starting a few seeds indoors. If all goes well, your seedlings will be mature enough to be transported into the ground by the time warmer temperatures make their way to town.

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Published February 17, 2016

METRO DETROIT — They’ve never used a rotary phone, gotten up to change a television channel or lived in a time without Internet access.

The upbringing of a young person in Generation Z — that’s the cohort of kids born after 1995 — seems charmed, to say the least. But are the usual descriptors associated with Gen Zers, like lazy and selfish, really all that fair?

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Published February 10, 2016

METRO DETROIT — It’s fascinating to look at today’s generation of kids. Growing up in the age of technology, the resources available to youngsters these days seem limitless.

But there’s something to be said for today’s generation of seniors. Aging in the age of technology has given seniors access to the services they need to live independently for longer.

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Published February 3, 2016

METRO DETROIT — Jewelry and flowers are always a safe bet for your honey on Valentine’s Day. Well, at least tradition tells us they are.

But on a holiday meant for celebrating lovers, why not get a gift that both of you can enjoy?

That’s what makes sweets so special for Valentine’s Day, according to Jenn Tilton, executive pastry chef at Morning Glory Coffee and Pastries in Grosse Pointe Farms.

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Published January 27, 2016

METRO DETROIT — An engagement is an exciting and overwhelming experience.

Once you’re able to stop staring at that shiny new ring — don’t worry, you can take your time — you look up to realize that everyone around you, from friends and family to magazines and TV shows, is trying to tell you just how to plan the first day of the rest of your life.

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Published January 20, 2016

C&G Newspapers

METRO DETROIT — Celebrating communities of “faith, knowledge and service,” local Catholic schools will highlight their efforts during National Catholic Schools Week Jan. 31-Feb. 6.

“Each day we have special events planned ... celebrating who we are and why our school is special,” said Julie DeGrez, principal of St. Germaine Catholic School in St. Clair Shores. “We’re able to learn about and practice our faith every single day.

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Published January 13, 2016

METRO DETROIT — The holidays are over, and many of us have already broken in those fancy new devices Santa generously slipped into our stocking.

But what about your old gadget? The laptop, tablet or smartphone you were using had a lot of information stashed inside, and it takes more than a click or a swipe to protect that data from prying eyes once you’ve ditched the device.

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Published December 22, 2015

METRO DETROIT — Sure, there’s no limit to the variety of libations you could treat your guests to this holiday. But it’s a celebration, so we already know what you’re going to choose: Champagne.

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Published December 16, 2015

METRO DETROIT — After the slices of pie, the glazed ham and the extra glass of eggnog, what are the odds that any of us will be able to fit into those new duds Santa delivered Christmas morning?

Holiday food is notoriously unhealthy, but does it really have to be? That’s certainly not the case at chef Robert Hindley’s house. As the manager of culinary wellness at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, he’s used to making healthy food delicious, and vice versa.

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Published December 9, 2015

METRO DETROIT — Real tree or artificial? Traditional ornaments or contemporary designs?

O tannenbaum, o tannenbaum — how versatile are thy branches.

There’s plenty to think about when it comes to selecting the perfect family Christmas tree, and the truth is no two homes will likely have the same display.

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Published December 2, 2015

METRO DETROIT — The National Retail Federation estimates that almost half of all holiday shopping this year will be done with a click of a button rather than a trip to the mall, but while buying gifts online is convenient, it also comes with a few risks that could make your season not so merry and bright.

“So many people get so busy that they don’t think about the what-ifs,” said Melanie Duquesnel, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Michigan in Southfield.

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Published December 2, 2015

METRO DETROIT — Hanukkah is a season of fun and presents for many of metro Detroit’s Jewish families, but over in the Middle East, it has recently become a sizzling topic among archaeologists who are trying to discover the holiday’s historical roots.

The timing of the Hanukkah season moves around the Western calendar from year to year because the eight-day festival’s beginning is tied to the lunar Jewish calendar. This year, Hanukkah begins at sundown Dec. 6 and lasts until Dec. 14.

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Published November 18, 2015

METRO DETROIT — Michelle Weiss, marketing coordinator for the Mount Clemens Downtown Development Authority, said she’s noticed something surprising over the past few years. In her neck of the woods, there seems to be more excitement about the Saturday after Thanksgiving than Black Friday.

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Published November 11, 2015

METRO DETROIT — Each year around metro Detroit, a few businesses close in observance of Veterans Day. Some residents may head to a local parade or cemetery to pay their respects to the men and women who’ve served our country, and families will go and honor their fallen soldiers in a quiet cemetery.

But those in the United States military did not fight for our freedom one day a year — so why should they only be acknowledged when the calendar tells us to do so?

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Published November 4, 2015

METRO DETROIT — It’s that time of year when we dig those cozy sweaters out from storage, crank the thermostat up and settle in for another bitter Michigan winter.

But for more than 12,000 people in the state, the effort to keep warm is so much more difficult. That’s because, according to the Community Housing Network, that’s how many people in Michigan are estimated to be without a place to call home.

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Published October 28, 2015

METRO DETROIT — So many of us look forward to the day we retire — when the curtain closes on our working life and we can finally take a bow and enjoy time with family and friends, sans the responsibilities of the daily grind.

But now that seniors are living longer, stronger and more independently than ever, lots of retirees are opting to step back into the spotlight to take on what some experts call an “encore career.”

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Published October 21, 2015

METRO DETROIT — It’s no secret that black cats and broken mirrors are universally known as bad omens.

And while people the world over may fear those spooky symbols, here in metro Detroit, we have our own superstitions to run from.

The unfortunate thing is that not many people know the local legends and scary stories that were conjured up right in our own backyard, according to Izzy Donnelly, director of education at the Grosse Pointe Historical Society.

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Published October 14, 2015

METRO DETROIT — You and your dog probably had a lot of fun together this summer, right? Long walks as the sun went down, exciting trips to the park and maybe even a dip in a nearby lake.

But brace yourself: Winter is coming.

The options for keeping your pup occupied seem to drop right along with the temperatures, since dog parks and long jaunts around the neighborhood are more difficult in the cold. So what’s a pet parent to do?

Get creative, that’s what. 

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Published October 7, 2015

METRO DETROIT — We’ve all heard those too-good-to-be-true fitness tidbits, like how chewing gum burns 11 calories, and eating celery burns more calories than you take in. And those are the fun facts that make dieting seem oh-so-easy, right?

Well, as it turns out, they are too good to be true.

While many everyday activities do help contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle, it takes a little something extra to count as part of a workout routine, according to many trainers.

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