Drolet wins county commissioner seat

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published November 8, 2016




MACOMB TOWNSHIP — In one way, it was a very good night for Macomb County Commissioner candidate Leon Drolet.

In another way, it could be a great night for Drolet.

With 30 out of 35 precincts reporting in the 13th District for county commissioner, Drolet, a Republican, was leading Democrat Martha O’Kray with 63.4 percent of the vote.

Drolet has also been leading a campaign to vote down the Regional Transit Authority millage. As of 11 p.m., the millage was being voted down in metro Detroit communities by a slim margin.

“My goal is to increase what people have by decreasing what the government takes from them,” Drolet said.

Drolet will represent Macomb Township on the county Board of Commissioners for the next two years. Previously, he was on the board from 1999-2000 and 2007-08. He also was a state representative from 2001-06.

“It’s a different board now. There are 13 commissioners instead of 26. I’m going to have some catching up to do,” Drolet said.  “I’m eager to get going.”

Drolet said transportation issues would continue to be his focus for serving Macomb Township.

“I think what people want in Macomb Township is really decent, high quality basic services, and they don’t want the frills, the niche spending, they just want a safe place that’s affordable to raise their families.”