Drolet takes county commissioner primary

By: Thomas Franz | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published August 9, 2016

 Leon Drolet

Leon Drolet


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Leon Drolet has unseated incumbent Joe Sabatini as the lead Republican candidate for the 13th District Macomb County Board of Commissioners seat in this November’s general election.

Drolet claimed 46.6 percent of the vote in the five-person primary election Aug. 2. Sabatini finished second with 28.5 percent.

“The message I sent to voters was if you’re looking for somebody who lives, eats and breathes limited government and limiting the scope of government, then I’m your guy,” Drolet said.

Drolet will now take on Democrat Martha O’Kray in the general election. O’Kray ran unopposed in the Democratic primary.

“I don’t know Mrs. O’Kray, so I’m not sure what she’ll present to voters as her way of representing them, but I plan to run the same campaign we ran in the primary — that’s government is getting too big, it’s getting too powerful and too intrusive,” Drolet said.

Drolet previously served as a county commissioner 1999-2000 and 2007-08. He was also a state representative 2001-06.

During those years of governance, Drolet said he never once voted in favor of a tax increase, and he intends to spread that philosophy with voters up until the general election.

“You can look back on those years and you might be able to find things you disagree with, but you won’t find tax hikes; you won’t find growing government; you won’t find treating the political class as a special class. You’ll find someone who actually has religiously adhered to those principles of limiting the size, scope and cost of government,” Drolet said.

“That’s what I tell voters I plan to do, and that’s what I do to the best of my abilities.”

Drolet, 49, has lived in Macomb Township for 10 years. He is the current chair of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance.

The 13th District consists solely of Macomb Township.