City officials believe The dot could be completed and ready for people to use in several weeks. The structure previously had been delayed due to COVID-19.

City officials believe The dot could be completed and ready for people to use in several weeks. The structure previously had been delayed due to COVID-19.

File photo by Patricia O’Blenes

‘Dot’ could be completed within several weeks

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published October 6, 2020


FERNDALE — According to Ferndale city officials, the construction of “The dot” could be completed within the next several weeks.

The dot’s construction had been delayed for two months earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing its expected completion date from June to this fall. After working through the summer, City Manager Joe Gacioch believes the mixed-use parking structure development on Troy Street is “nearing the finish line.”

“We said we would finish in the fall, and I still think we would finish in the fall. We had hoped to finish sometime in September, but ... there are complications related to COVID-19 that have kind of changed the scheduling and provided some barriers to that. … I’m still pretty confident that we will finish hopefully within the next six to eight weeks,” he said.

Bruce Campbell, the general manager of Park Ferndale, said the opening date has changed quite a few times, but most recently, there have been estimates of late October and early November, though it wasn’t a time period he could commit to confidently.

Back in June, Gacioch said the biggest issues they have had with the structure involved the supply chain and bringing in the necessary labor for the work. He reiterated those points as issues that continued when the project resumed.

“It’s not necessarily true that labor immediately reported back once construction was allowed within the state (in May),” he said. “We’re not alone in that either. A lot of construction projects are seeing a little bit of a labor scarcity issue. It’s my understanding that labor is a bit more distributed across the region than it was prior to construction.”

As for how The dot will operate when it does finally open, Campbell said it would work like other parking spots in the city, but instead of having to put in an individual number in the city’s parking app or pay stations, there will be multiple zones in the garage to park in.

“You’ll note that zone number … just like you see on the street for spaces,” he said. “You’ll go to your app and you’ll put that number in and how long you wanna park in the garage, and then it’ll charge you accordingly.”

There will be two zones in the parking garage: one for daily parkers and another for monthly parking. When the office component of The dot is built, Campbell said, they can create another zone for those users.

“We can create zones as we go within the facility,” he said. “What we’ve identified so far are employees that may want to park in the garage … businesses may want to buy some spaces. The thing about it is, right now, we certainly will have plenty of spaces.”

Gacioch also noted the developer is actively recruiting for retail tenants for The dot’s street level retail with CBRE Group, a real estate services firm.

“That’s all along West Troy,” he said. “All of those units are going to be built out to a shell and ready for tenants to come in and build out and move in. … Our sense is that there’s quite a bit of interest though from the broker.”