Construction equipment and materials sit in a staging area along 10 Mile Road in Novi Jan. 9.

Construction equipment and materials sit in a staging area along 10 Mile Road in Novi Jan. 9.

Photo by Patricia O’Blenes

Culvert construction begins at 10 Mile and Meadowbrook in Novi

By: Charity Meier | Novi Note | Published January 10, 2023


NOVI — Construction to install two new culverts under 10 Mile Road, between Meadowbrook and Haggerty roads, began Jan. 5.

The construction brings with it a closure of 10 Mile Road and a detour route for the approximately 16,000 cars that utilize the road daily, according to a press release. The closure is expected to last until April 17.     

The city of Novi is pursuing the project in conjunction with the Road Commission for Oakland County. The work is part of the 10 Mile Road, from Meadowbrook Road to Haggerty Road, rehabilitation project that will continue in the spring of 2023.     

“The culvert work being done is correcting culverts that have experienced some failures and need to be addressed,” said interim Novi City Manager Victor Cardenas.

The culverts under 10 Mile Road will be replaced one at a time. The contractor, Toebe Construction, of Wixom, started work on the culvert that carries Bishop Creek, located just west of Bethany Way. The removal and replacement of the Ingersoll Creek culvert, located just west of Nilan Drive, will start after work on the Bishop Creek culvert is completed.

“In order to do the work necessary to expand (10 Mile Road) later on this year, they are doing this culvert work now in preparation of everything,” said Cardenas. “The desired outcome is to, hopefully, provide increased traffic flow from Haggerty to Meadowbrook. … We’re going to have a resurfaced and improved dry surface for our residents and visitors alike, but there’s a bunch of things that will be taking place as we look to improve the 10 Mile thoroughfare.”

During the closure, residents and businesses will have access to their properties from the areas east and west of the construction. The detour for through traffic during the closure is Novi Road to Grand River Avenue to Haggerty Road and back to 10 Mile Road, and vice versa.

Once the culvert work is completed, the road will reopen for eastbound traffic. The westbound lanes will remain closed until Nov. 15. The approximately $6.9 million 10 Mile project is funded mostly with federal dollars. The remaining funds are split between the city of Novi, the Road Commission for Oakland County and Oakland County general government through the Tri-Party Program. According to Cardenas, the city of Novi is expecting to pay approximately $650,000 for its share of the project.

“We are working collaboratively to resurface the roads. Like anything else, they only have a certain lifespan. So, 10 Mile has been in the need for some reconstruction and improvement for some time, and there’s definitely some capacity needs as our neighbors to the west, Lyon Township, has increased their population. So, a lot of people are using 10 Mile as an alternative way to get to Lyon and also, we have our own increased population here in Novi,” said Cardenas.

In addition to the removal and replacement of the two culverts, the project includes widening the road and several other safety improvements. Workers will mill the existing road surface from Meadowbrook to Haggerty and repave it with asphalt. Safety improvements include a continuous center left-turn lane; adding and extending selected right-turn and deceleration lanes; and widening the road shoulders.

Curbs and gutters will be repaired and replaced. Pedestrian crosswalks will be updated to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. An 8-foot-wide sidewalk along the south side of this section of 10 Mile Road will be installed. Traffic lights will be upgraded at the 10 Mile and Meadowbrook and 10 Mile and Cranbrooke Drive intersections. Water main work will be done by the city of Novi. Pavement repairs at the 10 Mile and Haggerty intersection were completed last month.

“The addition of the center turn lane is twofold,” said Craig Bryson, the public information officer for the Road Commission for Oakland County. “No. 1, safety. The center left-turn lane greatly reduces the likelihood of rear-end collisions. ... Adding a turn lane gets (cars) out of the through lane and improves safety. Secondly, it improves traffic flow and therefore traffic capacity by getting those turning cars out of the turn lane so they are not slowing down the through traffic.”

He explained that without the turn lane, many accidents occur as traffic attempts to proceed through an intersection and without noticing a car is stopped to make a left turn. According to Bryson, the project was supposed to have started in December but was delayed until Jan. 3 at the request of the contractor. Bryson said that it was further delayed until Jan. 5 as a result of the weather.

Novi Chamber of Commerce President Janet Bloom said the chamber is glad that the city will be putting out extra signage to support businesses that are affected by the construction.   

“We certainly encourage residents to still utilize the services of those businesses along 10 Mile,” said Bloom. “We are excited to have the full turn lane once that construction is complete and, hopefully, make fewer pinch points along 10 Mile. So, we have to get through the current pain of the project for the progress that happens at the end.”