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Crittenton tower construction soars

By: Linda Shepard | Rochester Post | Published April 11, 2012

 Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s south tower, now under construction, will hold private rooms and a garden area.

Crittenton Hospital Medical Center’s south tower, now under construction, will hold private rooms and a garden area.

Photo by Linda Shepard


ROCHESTER HILLS — Work on the fifth floor of the Crittenton Hospital Medical Center south tower project is currently under way, with sights set on a fall 2013 project completion date.

“It is pretty much on schedule,” said Brian Birney, director of marketing and communications at Crittenton Hospital. “Especially with the unseasonably warm weather we have had this winter.”

The 174,000-square-foot, six-story structure on Walton Boulevard, east of Livernois Road, will hold private rooms and a garden area. Officials aim to provide more personalized service with the tower, and plan for future expansion.

According to Monte Oberlee, the administrator for the environment of care at Crittenton Hospital, the reason for the expansion is to create private rooms for patients that include an element of family care space.

“For example, we would have a couch that someone could spend the night on and get more involved in the care of that patient,” Oberlee said. “One of our obligations is to educate the family before they go home with the patient.”

The tower will hold 87 private patient rooms. A green roof area will feature a garden. The new tower’s first floor will hold mechanicals, and a pharmacy will be opened on the tower’s second floor. Three floors will hold 29 private patient rooms each. The new construction will also include a redesigned loading dock and a revamped parking lot.

According to Birney, safety is key during the extensive construction project. From Feb. 24 through March 22, workers logged 5,586 man-hours with no recordable accidents, he said.

More than 37,450 man-hours have been recorded since April 1, 2011, with two recorded accidents. During a March 8 and 9 Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration onsite safety review, no violations were cited.

Structural steel installation for the floor landings in the new parking deck have been completed and inspected, Birney said. To date, 7,792 cubic yards of concrete have been placed in the new tower, which will have 10,000 cubic yards in place upon completion.