Crime briefs of the year in Troy

Troy Times | Published January 17, 2022

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TROY — Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting and bizarre local crime briefs from 2021:


Woman cited for exposing herself, defecating
TROY — A witness in the area of 640 Robinwood Drive reported to police seeing an unidentified female expose her butt while defecating in the nearby park near a tree. 

The witness told police several children were nearby outside at Morse Elementary School. 

Officers located the woman, a 61-year-old Troy woman, who admitted to the act. Police issued her a misdemeanor citation for disorderly conduct — urinating in public. The woman was released from the scene. 


Cash box, sweatshirt found in creek
TROY — A resident in the 100 block of Owendale Drive witnessed a suspicious person driving a dark-colored vehicle pull up next to the wooded creek area and toss items from his passenger side door into the water. 

Officers responded to the report and found an ATM-style metal cash box and a black hooded sweatshirt in the creek. Police confiscated it as evidence. 


$6,000 fraudulently charged on victim’s card
TROY — A victim shopping at Nordstrom Rack, 822 E. Big Beaver Road, at approximately 4 p.m. Jan. 27 realized her wallet had gone missing while she was inside. She said she was distracted by another customer in the store and believes that’s when her wallet was stolen. 

The victim’s wallet contained her driver’s license, her Social Security card, $300 in cash, $400 in gift cards, three credit cards, and various other documents. She later discovered that her credit cards were used fraudulently to purchase over $6,000 at businesses inside Somerset Collection and other businesses around Troy.


Alfa Romeo stolen, found
TROY — A Planet Fitness member reported to police that his vehicle was missing from the gym’s parking lot after his workout. 

The victim told police he had used the gym between 5 and 7 p.m. Feb. 25, hanging his keys in his locker before the workout. When he returned to his locker, he realized his keys and his car had been stolen. 

The victim’s vehicle, a 2019 black Alfa Romeo Stelvio, contained the victim’s hearing aids, laptop, iPad, financial statements, clothing, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, and his wallet containing two credit cards, a debit card, an ATM card and his Michigan ID. 

The Alfa Romeo was found a day later, Feb. 26, at a residence on Dorchester Drive. All of the victim’s items were located in the car except for his hearing aids and his wallet.


Driver pulls antique gun in highway altercation
TROY — A 51-year-old Madison Heights woman may face felonious assault charges after an altercation on northbound Interstate 75, west of Rochester Road, at 9:20 a.m. March 9. 

A driver called 911 that morning to report that the driver of a black 2016 Subaru Forester had aggressively pulled between the caller’s vehicle and another behind her. The caller had pulled onto the shoulder in a construction zone to prevent the Forester from passing a line of vehicles. 

When the caller pulled up alongside the Subaru, she noticed a handgun pointed at her, at which time she backed away from the suspect and allowed the suspect to continue northbound on the highway. The caller provided the suspect’s license plate number to police. 

When police confronted the Forester driver, she admitted to being involved in an altercation with an unknown person. She told police that as she began to pass slower vehicles on the highway, the other driver began encroaching on her space with her vehicle. The Forester driver told police she feared the other driver was going to ram her. 

Scared for her safety, she picked up an antique gun she had in her vehicle and pointed it at the other driver, she told police. 

She said she soon realized the handgun was not helping and began pretending to record the altercation instead. As traffic began to flow again, the altercation ended. 

The Oakland County’s Prosecutor’s Office was reviewing footage of the incident for possible felonious assault charges. 


Resident saved from fraud attempt 
TROY — A Hillcrescent Drive resident recently caught a stroke of luck after she was guided away from potentially fraudulent activity that was targeting her. 

The woman said she had received a call at 11 a.m. April 14 from a man who identified himself as Brian Reynolds and claimed to be a Grand Rapids attorney who allegedly was handling the victim’s grandson’s injury case with a bicyclist. The victim was told that if she gave the caller $8,900, he could make the case disappear. 

Despite stating he was from Grand Rapids, the suspect’s caller ID showed him to be in Ontario, Canada. 

The victim went to the bank to withdraw enough funds for the alleged attorney, but before she could, a bank teller advised her to check with her grandson about the case before sending the man any money. The victim contacted her grandson, who told her that nothing the suspect said was true. 

The woman did not lose any funds to fraudulent activity. 


Hospital patient found burning restraints
TROY — Troy police responded to a report of arson at Beaumont Hospital, Troy, May 12. 

A 48-year-old Rochester Hills patient was restrained and was found by a hospital nurse at around 3 a.m. burning his restraints with a cigarette lighter.

A second nurse grabbed a wet towel and extinguished the fire that had started. The patient was restrained again in another hospital bed. He did not have any burns or injuries.


Woman charged with assaulting cop, endangering dog 
TROY — Troy police arrested a 33-year-old woman around 1:29 p.m. May 19 in the south parking lot of Somerset Collection after officers responded to a report of a dog in distress. 

When police initially arrived at the scene, they found a caged dog, panting heavily, sitting in the back seat of the woman’s 2011 Chevrolet Camaro. Police determined that the dog had been inside the car for about an hour and a half, with the temperature in the 80s. 

The woman approached police shortly after their arrival. Police found she had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants for assault in Detroit, and an aggravated assault warrant from Livingston County. Police arrested the woman and used her keys to unlock the car and free the dog. 

The woman, while in the back of a police car, began banging her head on the interior of the vehicle. Police transported her to jail, where she continued to kick, scream and thrash, at one point attempting to bite an officer. Police restrained the woman. She was charged with assault and battery of a police officer, hindering a police officer, and cruelty to an animal.


Person photographed while using Somerset restroom 
TROY — A fight broke out between two individuals at Somerset Collection, 2800 W. Big Beaver Road, at around 4:10 p.m. June 17 after a victim found a 28-year-old Lake Orion man reportedly using his cellphone to take lewd photos of the victim while he was using the bathroom, according to a police report. 

The victim told police the suspect was raising his cellphone over the bathroom stall multiple times to take photos of the victim’s exposed genitals. The victim grabbed onto the suspect’s phone, taking it from him and demanding he exit the stall, but the suspect refused. 

The victim waited for the suspect outside the bathroom and reportedly began punching the suspect when he exited. 

Somerset Collection security officers were able to break up the fight before police arrived. 

When Troy police officers arrived, they looked through the cellphone, determining that lewd photos had been taken. 

The suspect was arrested and charged with using a computer in the commission of a crime and capturing an image of an unclothed person. 


Irate employee arrested for assaulting supervisor 
TROY — A 29-year-old Saginaw woman was arrested around 5:13 p.m. June 18 after she was accused of assaulting her supervisor and destroying company property. 

The employee became irate after she was called into her supervisor’s office and was terminated for being a poor employee, the police report states. The supervisor told police the employee attacked him with an umbrella, striking his midsection. The employee also submerged a computer monitor, a keyboard and a web monitor in an Igloo cooler full of water, and knocked over a 25-inch TV, cracking the screen and destroying the equipment, according to a police report. 

Police found the former employee sitting outside of the business at a picnic table when they arrived. She admitted to assaulting her former supervisor. The woman was arrested and charged with assault and battery, and malicious destruction of property.


Narcan used during narcotics arrest 
TROY — A 45-year-old Waterford man could be facing possible aggravated assault, possession of heroin and narcotic paraphernalia charges after Troy police found the man and a 38-year-old Westland man in the lobby bathroom of Tru Hotel, 1575 E. Maple Road, reportedly consuming illegal drugs. 

The hotel’s front desk attendant called the police because the two men had been occupying the bathroom for over an hour around 8:42 p.m. July 24. 

When police arrived and knocked on the bathroom door, the two men exited. Inside the bathroom, officers found a bag that contained what they believed to be heroin and a syringe. The Westland man told police the heroin was the Waterford man’s. 

As police began to question the Waterford man, he began to have a seizure. Police administered two doses of the opioid reversal drug Narcan via nasal spray and transported the man to a hospital for treatment. On his way to the hospital, the man began to lash out and spit on the paramedics transporting him. 

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office was looking through the Police Department’s information for possible criminal charges against the Waterford man. 


Punch thrown at car dealership
TROY — A confrontation between two employees at a dealership in Troy led to assault and battery charges.

The incident occurred at approximately 3:56 p.m. Sept. 1 at a dealership on John R Road. According to the Troy police, the manager of used car sales called two porters to come into his office to tell them what cars he wanted moved around the parking lot. One of the porters, a 21-year-old Roseville man, had earbuds in his ears, and the manager asked him to take them out twice so he could explain what he needed done. 

“The subject then got upset with his request, balled up his fist and punched him in the right side of his face,” said Troy police Sgt. Jason Clark. “When asked why he struck him, the subject said, ‘Because you were going to fire me.’ The subject was told he wasn’t going to be fired, but since he struck him, now he would be.”

The used car sales manager was seeking assault and battery charges following the incident.


Troy title agency customers targeted by email scams
TROY — On Sept. 29, customers at the 1st Choice Title Agency LLC, located on 5455 Corporate Drive in Troy, reported to authorities that a wire transfer of $114,313.35 went to an unknown third party instead of the title agency during their purchase of a home.

According to the police, the victims received an email which claimed to be from 1st Choice Title Agency LLC instructing the transfer of funds, but this later was proven to be false. Police said the email account may have been hacked. The victims were not able to stop the wire transfer before it was completed.

Troy police also reported that on Sept. 27 a separate customer with 1st Choice Title Agency LLC reported that he also received an email claiming to be from the business. This email requested a wire transfer of $11,000. He later discovered the emails were not sent from the title agency and was able to cancel the transfer in time.


Employee claims injury caused by supervisor
TROY — An employee at a lawn care company on Maple Road in Troy was seeking charges against a supervisor after the supervisor allegedly pushed him to the ground.

Police said that during a verbal disagreement, the employee was shoved to the ground by his supervisor, resulting in injuries to his head and back. The supervisor, a 49-year-old Royal Oak man, claimed the employee was approaching him in a threatening manner and that the shove was done in self-defense. An assault and battery charge was lodged against the supervisor.


Man charged with attempted theft from mall
TROY — A 36-year-old Eastpointe man was arrested inside the Oakland Mall Macy’s store at 7:06 p.m. Oct. 26 after security personnel observed him removing security sensors from items and attempting to leave the store with them. 

The Troy Police Department said that the suspect had previously been charged with trespassing at the store and had drug paraphernalia on his person, and when they located the vehicle he had arrived in they noticed a screwdriver lodged in the ignition and determined that the vehicle had been stolen in Detroit.

The suspect was charged with one count of first-degree retail fraud, one count of possession of narcotics paraphernalia and one count of trespassing.


Mailbox taken
TROY — The Troy Police Department reported that a resident’s entire mailbox was stolen from a home in the 2700 block of Lanergan.

Investigators believe the theft occurred between 6 p.m. Nov. 22 and 6:30 p.m. Nov. 23. The entire mailbox, including the wooden pole buried into the ground, was removed.


Pizza delivery man robbed
TROY — A pizza delivery employee was robbed in the course of his job at approximately 8 p.m. Dec. 2.

The victim was delivering a pizza to an apartment in the 700 block of Coachman Drive when he was approached by a male suspect. The suspect implied the order was for him and asked to inspect the pizza. Afterward, he tried paying the victim $5 for the $37 order. When the victim said that was not enough money, the suspect allegedly asked the victim if he would like to buy any Adderall, which the victim declined. 

At this point, police said, the suspect asked if the victim had change for a $50 bill. When the victim removed approximately $60 cash from his pocket, the suspect snatched it from his hand and reached into his pocket, implying that he had a firearm. The suspect then left the area on a bicycle, and the victim reported the crime.

Police were investigating.