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 The township has approved preliminary plans for a new single-family condominium development on the southeast corner of 24 Mile and Romeo Plank roads. The development calls for 48 homes.

The township has approved preliminary plans for a new single-family condominium development on the southeast corner of 24 Mile and Romeo Plank roads. The development calls for 48 homes.

Photo by Joshua Gordon

Condo development coming to corner of Romeo Plank, 24 Mile

By: Joshua Gordon | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published June 13, 2018


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — A 48-lot single-family condominium development is in the works at the corner of Romeo Plank and 24 Mile roads in Macomb Township as the development in the township continues to move northward.

The development, by Shelby Township developer Robert Silveri, has received preliminary plan approval from the Planning Commission and the Board of Trustees. The next step is for the development team to work with the engineering department on plans before coming back for final approval.

Township Planning Director Patrick Meagher said the plans call for 48 lots on 28 acres of land. The property sits on the southeast corner of the the Romeo Plank and 24 Mile intersection, across the street from the Cracklewood Golf Course and across the intersection from St. Peter Lutheran Church and School.

Meagher said it being developed as a condo site means it will most likely have some shared space with individual lots being maintained by the homeowners. He expects the development to have a mixture of ranch style and two-story homes, although he said that has not been discussed at this time.

The development is going to be called Riverview Estates, as it backs a branch of the Clinton River. Meagher said there has been some improvements done to the drain along the road there already, and there was some flooding of the cemetery nearby, but it has been straightened out with the engineering department and the church.

“They have done some land balancing out there already,” Meagher said, “Once they finalize the engineering plans and get final approval, we should see some road installation and then they will start to get permits for building in.”

Township Engineer Jim Van Tiflin said the project was at one point two separate projects that have now combined into one. He said a pump station will need to be built as part of the sanitary infrastructure.

With homes being built in that area “like crazy,” Van Tiflin said there will need to be discussions about road work to make sure it doesn’t slow down traffic.

“A bypass lane would be appropriate here, as well as a right turn lane and an acceleration lane,” Van Tiflin said. “It will be normal things we do with developers to make traffic flow with a new subdivision and new entrances.”

With 24 Mile becoming a busier road, Meagher said doing a single-family development was probably the best option to not introduce a ton of traffic. He said the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office has also voiced opinions on the intersection being a concern for deputy patrols.

Combined with other multi-family developments in the area, this new subdivision should fit in, Meagher said.

“I think a single-family development is probably a better option than amassing a whole lot of density in that area,” he said. “There are a lot of multi-family development west of Romeo Plank with attached condos and apartments, so I think single-family made more sense there and they are certainly selling well right now.”