Company promises to bring 20 new jobs to city

City forms industrial development district

By: Kevin Bunch | Roseville - Eastpointe Eastsider | Published January 11, 2016


EASTPOINTE — The Eastpointe City Council unanimously approved setting up an industrial development district for a pair of adjacent properties on 10 Mile Road during its regular meeting Jan. 5.

According to a city memo, Sigma Manufacturing Services hopes to renovate the properties to turn them into a plastic injection molding plant.

Department of Public Works Supervisor Joe Merucci said that Sigma is interested in making LED lights at the site, having purchased the properties located at 17059 and 17157 E. 10 Mile Road in early fall. The company first wrote to the city about the district in a letter dated Oct. 8, he said.

Sigma Manufacturing President Chris Naidoo said in a letter to council that this would be the first step to setting up an industrial tax abatement for the property, which would freeze the property taxes at their current value for a predetermined length of time to help offset the cost of the investment.

Naidoo said in the letter that Sigma Manufacturing Services intends on investing an estimated $1.2 million in the property for remodeling and improvements, and to rebuild production capabilities.

“This investment will result in the creation of 20 new jobs over the next two years,” Naidoo wrote.

Merucci said the next step in the process is to call a public hearing for the actual tax abatement application, though he did not have any timetable for when that would take place.

“Then it’s on to the State Tax Commission after the City Council takes a vote on that,” Merucci said. “At this point it’s a little early yet, but they’re eager to move into it. It’ll be nice to have that plant used again, and it’ll be nice to have 20 people working there.”

The council held a public hearing during which no members of the public came forward with questions. The industrial development district was then established without any issues.

“This’ll be a great program for us,” Councilman Cardi DeMonaco said. “They’re rehabbing two buildings, and they’ve already rehabbed a bit. It’s nice to see a couple buildings over on 10 Mile getting fixed up.”

Merucci said that so far he knows Sigma Manufacturing has repainted the property and is starting some rehab work on the interior.