Several Center Line Public Schools employees were recognized during the district’s Fall 2023 staff appreciation ceremony at the Nov. 27 school board meeting.

Several Center Line Public Schools employees were recognized during the district’s Fall 2023 staff appreciation ceremony at the Nov. 27 school board meeting.

Photo by Maria Allard

Center Line Public Schools staff members make the grade

By: Maria Allard | Warren Weekly | Published December 19, 2023


CENTER LINE/WARREN — Whenever a Peck Elementary School student needs a Band-Aid, an ice pack or hydrocortisone cream, they know to go to secretary Rosie Parker.

“She truly is the matriarch of Peck Elementary,” Peck kindergarten teacher Shannon Karam said, adding, “She warmly greets and welcomes everyone who enters the office.”

Peck Principal Meghan Evoy echoed that sentiment for Parker, who will retire at the end of December.

“Because of Ms. Rosie’s example, we are all prouder to be here,” Evoy said. “Because of Ms. Rosie’s influence, we are all a little sillier and a little goofier, even in the hard moments. And because of Ms. Rosie’s witness of faith, we are more patient, more honest and more generous. Our school, our district and all of us are better because we’ve been here with you.”

Parker was among several employees recognized during the Fall 2023 staff appreciation ceremony at the Nov. 27 Center Line Public Schools Board of Education meeting. Each staff member received a certificate of appreciation and kind words from those who nominated them.

Some educators were recognized for their innovation in the classroom while others received accolades for their relationships. There were plenty of hugs, mutual respect and a few tears.

Wolfe Middle School teacher Jennifer De Smet, for instance, became a bit emotional while acknowledging building substitute Christine Mobley, who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty.

“Christine believes in her mission every day,” De Smet noted.

The evening gave parent Renee Wickersham the opportunity to recognize four staff members that have helped her sons: Director of Special Services Theresa Karam and Center Line High School special education teachers Kim Smale, Lesley Harris and Laurie Panfalone.

“I love all of you, ladies,” Wickersham said as she gave each of them a hug.

The following educators also were recognized:

Center Line High School math teacher Nolan Lawroski, nominated by Principal John Kelley.

Roose Elementary school social worker Derrick Jackson, nominated by Roose Principal Andrea Kennedy.

Center Line High School social worker Zach Bayer, nominated by Assistant Principal Klaressa Howery.

Center Line High School counselors Zach Osborn and Dori Babcock, English teacher Jessica Yeakel and Howery, nominated by Yasameen Hanna.

Academy 21 social worker Rebecca Barthel, nominated by teacher Kathy Koch.

Center Line High School science teacher Christel Cook and math teacher Michael Hildebrandt, nominated by Assistant Principal John Grob.

Roose Teacher Kara Motschall, nominated by someone anonymously.

Wolfe Middle School custodian April Mason, nominated by Wolfe Principal Jennifer Serra and Vice Principal Eric Ceresa.

In addition, Mary Binge nominated a number of student teacher mentors that were recognized during the evening.

The school board meeting also gave members of the board and administration the opportunity to offer best wishes to Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Lisa Oleski, who retired from the district to take a position as a Ford NGL Coach to help communities across the country. She was with Center Line Public Schools for 29 years, and Chief Financial Officer Charlie Roddis presented Oleski with a retirement plaque.

“I want to personally say I could not have asked for a better person to help me with my transition,” said Superintendent Joseph Haynes, who became top administrator in the summer of 2020.

Carey Crocker was recently named as Oleski’s successor. Crocker has been in education 29 years in various capacities in several districts, including Ferndale Public Schools, Clarkston Community Schools, Warren Woods Public Schools and the Bloomfield Hills.