A group of 18 Center Line cyCLers took part in a 9.6-mile ride June 19 for their third outing of the season.

A group of 18 Center Line cyCLers took part in a 9.6-mile ride June 19 for their third outing of the season.

Photo by Brandy Baker

Center Line cyCLers hit the city’s streets this summer

By: Brian Louwers | Warren Weekly | Published June 25, 2018


CENTER LINE — Those looking to promote Center Line as a place to be and live for families and individual residents hope programs like the Center Line cyClers will do just that.

On June 19, the group met at Hometown Heroes Coffee and More, 25029 Van Dyke Ave., near 10 Mile Road, ahead of an evening ride through the city. It was the third ride of the year, and the latest of what organizers hope will become a Tuesday evening tradition.

“I had an initial sort of feel-it-out meeting at the Parks and Rec building. Surprisingly to me, I had eight people there,” said Nancy Gould, a marketing and social media specialist for Center Line’s Downtown Development Authority. “The first ride, 20 people showed up. On the second ride, we had 21 people, and almost half of those people were new.

“One of my focuses now in the city’s DDA, I’m really working on placemaking. I thought, I know how cool biking is. I thought this might be a nice thing to just get people together. When people find out there’s a Tuesday night ride, they may want to come,” Gould said. “If they end up at one of our businesses that maybe they haven’t been to, they’ll maybe want to come back.”

The rides range in length from just over 6 miles to nearly 10. The paths mostly stay in Center Line, although occasional trips into Warren — or, potentially, other places later — aren’t unheard of.

The concept of placemaking has been described as a dynamic, strategic approach to community development and economic revitalization that incorporates a region’s strengths in core areas with an emphasis on quality of life, health and wellness.

“This again is one of those placemaking things we’re doing to help bring some attention to the city and get people to come and visit us,” Center Line City Manager Dennis Champine said. “It’s a really good program. It’s an ever-expanding program.”

Gould said she’d like to network with other slow-roll groups and possibly coordinate companion rides in the area. Other ideas include rides for kids, or even longer specialty rides for more intrepid cyclers.

She said the city has been supportive of the cyCLers program, but that it does not officially sanction the rides.

The riders typically gather at 6-6:15 p.m. and head out at around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays. Gould said rides will continue this year until at least Oct. 1, after which they’ll likely depend on the weather and continued interest.

“We still have three solid months of riding ahead of us, so I think we’re in good shape,” Gould said.

For more information about the group or to inquire about the rides, send an email to clcyclers@gmail.com. You can find the group on Facebook @CLCYCLERS.