Bus stop incident being investigated in Farmington

Students report driver gesturing to them, possible weapon involved

By: Jessica Strachan | Farmington Press | Published February 15, 2013


Authorities are investigating a report of a man in a truck suspiciously interacting with local school children as they waited for the bus.

The incident occurred in the early morning Feb. 14 as a group of five Power Upper Elementary School children waited for the bus to arrive. The fifth- and sixth-grade students reported seeing a male driver in a black pickup truck slow down as he approached the bus stop and possibly make a gesture.

Farmington Public Safety Director Robert Schulz said the matter is currently being investigated, and there are conflicting reports.

“One of the five kids had a big stick and was beating on a tree at the bus stop. That’s when they said a guy drove by, honked his horn, and some say he was pointing something; some think it was just his finger, some think it could have been a barrel (of a gun),” Schulz said. “Right now all we know is that the window was never rolled down and he never said anything.”

A notification was sent out through Farmington Public Schools explaining that the incident was under investigation. The suspect drove off, and none of the children were harmed, the email explained, though once the bus driver arrived and heard the stories, authorities were alerted immediately.

The notification did mention that the man made a gesture towards the students. At this time, it appears there was no adult around or anyone else who witnessed the reported behavior.

Friday morning Schulz said that officers have worked to locate a few vehicles that match the description in the neighborhood. Between the students’ varied reports and investigating suspects that match the description, Schulz said they hoped to know more before the weekend hits.

“We are working to track down the driver today,” he said. Schulz added that a followup on the incident will be released from the department as soon as more information becomes available.

Cmdr. Terry Purves of the Farmington Public Safety Department said that the area is currently under investigation and is being heavily patrolled. A composite sketch of the suspect identifies him as being white, in his 20s, with a slender build, dark brown hair and possibly a goatee.

The suspect was reportedly driving a newer-model extended cab 4-by-4 pickup truck, possibly an Ford F-150, according to the press release. The rear windows were slightly tinted, according to reports. He was seen wearing a dark shirt or coat and a baseball cap.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Farmington Public Safety Department at (248) 474-4700.