Boil water advisory lifted in Novi

By: Brian Wells | Novi Note | Published November 3, 2021

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A boil water advisory that began Sunday night for the city of Novi was lifted Wednesday.

The advisory was put in place as a precautionary measure after a water main broke in the area of 14 Mile and Drake roads in Farmington Hills Sunday. Novi couldn’t lift the advisory until two bacteriological samples were tested and came back negative 24 hours apart.

Whenever a water system loses pressure for any significant length of time, bacteria contamination might occur, the city said in a press release Monday.

Residents are advised to unscrew and remove the faucet aerator on each faucet in their homes and run cold water for five minutes. To clear hot water pipes and a water heater, run hot water at all faucets and flush until the water runs cool, or typically 15 minutes for a 40-gallon tank, or 30 minutes for a tank larger than 40 gallons. If a resident ran water through a filter, such as in a refrigerator or on a faucet, it should be replaced.

For more information on what to do after the advisory has been lifted, visit