Board approves unpaved-road maintenance fund

By: Robert Guttersohn | Macomb Township Chronicle | Published April 3, 2013

MACOMB TOWNSHIP — The Board of Trustees approved, March 27, a contract with the Macomb County Department of Roads to apply two applications of dust control to the township’s remaining unpaved roads.

Additionally, the board authorized the setting aside of $6,000 for the supervisor’s office to tap into when any additional application of dust control is needed throughout the summer.

Like years past, Supervisor Janet Dunn said the county will apply two applications at no cost to control dust on the 12.68 miles of the township’s dirt roads. But township officials have discovered that the two applications are not enough.

“Last year, we had a problem with the road commission’s application,” Dunn said.

Increased traffic on unpaved roads has left road surfaces dried-out.

“What we found is there are certain parts of our road system that are still unpaved that, over the course of the summer, get a lot of traffic and seem to drain better,” township Clerk Michael Koehs said. “So they dry out quicker.”

For the second consecutive year, the board authorized the township to contract with private company Road Maintenance Corporation to apply any additional applications.

While the county is willing to apply additional applications, Macomb found that Road Maintenance charges a less expensive rate. The county would have charged Macomb $315 per mile for the additional applications, while Road Maintenance will charge Macomb only $252 per mile, according to township records.

The board is setting aside $6,000 for the supervisor’s office to tap into when certain roads dry out.

“So we’re going to take 25 miles worth and use it wherever it is needed — not just blanket spray them all, even if they don’t need it,” Koehs said.

Last year, the board authorized the supervisor’s office a $5,000 fund for dust-control maintenance. Koehs said the board needed to approve the $1,000 increase because of the increased rate they are being charged.