Bloomfield Hills High School evacuated for active shooter false alarm

By: Tiffany Esshaki | Birmingham - Bloomfield Eagle | Published December 19, 2019


There is still not much information available yet as to who activated an emergency response alarm inside Bloomfield Hills High School Dec. 19.

According to Shira Good, the director of communications and service standards for the Bloomfield Hills Schools district, the high school’s BluePoint alert system — an alarm physically accessible inside the school, like a fire alarm — was activated around noon, prompting an emergency response from first responders. 

Roughly 60 officers responded from the Bloomfield Township Police department and other nearby agencies, including the Detroit Police Department, the Michigan State Police, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office aviation unit and the FBI, among others.

According to Bloomfield Hills Schools interim Superintendent Tina Kostiuk, officers evacuated approximately 1,800 students and staff room by room from the high school campus. 

“I am appreciative of the support provided by our local community partners. The staff at Lifetime Fitness, clergy and support staff at Kirk in the Hills, Bloomfield Township Library, Bloomfield Township campus staff, and other local businesses wrapped around our students and staff today the way only a true community can,” Kostiuk wrote in an email. “We are grateful to live in a place that cares so deeply about our school family and is ready to spring into action without notice.”

The students who evacuated took shelter at nearby facilities until buses could arrive to transport them to the Bloomfield Township Public Library, the official reunification site for families.

As students and staff made their way offsite, law enforcement continued to do a thorough sweep of the more than 380,000-square-foot building, and there was no threat detected. 

The following day, a uniformed police presence was at the school out of what Kostiuk said was an “abundance of caution,” but school activities and after school sports went on as scheduled. An investigation is ongoing as to what set off the alarm or whether the system malfunctioned.

Kostiuk added in her email to families that counseling staff would be made available to any students in need following the traumatic experience, and she encouraged parents to talk with their children about the incident and their feelings.