Beverly Hills tests water

State required testing after high lead at home

By: Linda Shepard | Birmingham - Bloomfield Eagle | Published January 29, 2019


BEVERLY HILLS — A series of water testing is almost complete, according to village officials.

The water testing was mandated by the state after it was discovered that one Beverly Hills village home had an abnormally high reading for lead.

“We replaced the lead service line (to that house),” Village Manager Chris Wilson said. “The village replaced it at our cost and it now reads fine. That was the only bad test, and the service line only went to that one house.”

As a result of the abnormally high reading, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality mandated testing of 60 samples over two different six-month periods. In addition, village officials offered water testing to all who requested it, Wilson said.

During the first round of testing last fall, village officials collected 148 separate samples and received negative tests at all tested locations. The current action level limit for lead is 15 parts per billion, or ppb.

Every site tested in the last round of testing tested lower than the current level of 15 ppb, as well as the proposed new standard of 12 ppb. Wilson said a significant majority of the tests were below 2 ppb.

“We found no issues,” he said.

A second and final round conducted water tests on 170 residences in December.

“That is a pretty good sample,” Wilson said. “We have had no indications of any issues. We met the testing deadline by Dec. 20 and everything was completed.”

“I congratulate the village on getting 4 percent of the village households to participate,” Village Councilman John Mooney said. Mooney also said he had received reports from residents that the water testing results were unclear.

“I don’t disagree,” Wilson said. The state forms required were not easy to understand, he said. “But it is the one the state requires us to send.”

If residents have questions about the results, they are urged to call Wilson. “Feel free to contact us and we will go over it with you,” he said.

Wilson can be reached at (248) 646-6404 or by email at