The Berman offers cinematic time machine with Throwback Thursdays

By: Kayla Dimick | West Bloomfield Beacon | Published October 7, 2015


WEST BLOOMFIELD  —  According to event organizers at The Berman, “Hey, you guys!” is not only one of the most famous quotes from the 1985 movie “The Goonies,” it’s also a call to all those looking for a little bit of nostalgia in their life.

Starting Oct. 15, The Berman Center for Performing Arts, 6600 W. Maple Road, will host a movie series called Throwback Thursdays, featuring screenings of some of the most beloved films from yesteryear.

According to Elaine Hendriks Smith, director of The Berman, officials at the theater were looking for a fun, lighthearted event to expand their audience.

“We reached out to people of all different ages because we want to be accessible to everybody,” Hendriks Smith said. “They said they were looking for nontraditional events that were relaxed and social, where they didn’t have to sit still, wear a dress and behave, which is the funniest thing ever, because theater people are exactly the opposite of that. When’s the last time you saw a theater person in a suit?”

For $12, eventgoers can enjoy the selected film, movie-themed snacks and a cash bar. Those interested can also purchase a private table near the bar at the screening.

“Hook” will be shown Oct. 15. “The Goonies” will be shown Dec. 10. “E.T.” will be shown Feb. 4, 2016, and “The Wizard of Oz” will cap off the series March 3, 2016. All screenings will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Unlike traditional movie theaters, silence is not golden at The Berman. On the contrary, Hendriks Smith said, socialization is encouraged during Throwback Thursdays.

“We don’t expect you to be quiet, and we don’t expect you to dress up,” Hendriks Smith said.

That is, of course, unless you want to dress up as a movie character, Hendriks Smith said.

Jessica Bryer, outreach coordinator for the Berman, said the movie screenings are an opportunity for people of all ages to revisit movies they may have seen as a child.

“A lot of (the draw of the event) has to do with when we were little and watched the things we didn’t understand, but now we can understand the humor as an adult,” Bryer said. “Now we can have a drink and discuss it and remember the first time we saw it and didn’t understand.”

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