Macomb Township resident Tim Stolarski recently purchased a “snow white” American Motors Corp. 1974 Javelin AMX. He plans to display the vehicle at local car shows this summer.

Macomb Township resident Tim Stolarski recently purchased a “snow white” American Motors Corp. 1974 Javelin AMX. He plans to display the vehicle at local car shows this summer.

Photo by Deb Jacques

Behind the Wheel: The ’74 AMC Javelin rides again

By: Maria Allard | Metro | Published June 23, 2021

Photo by Deb Jacques

Photo by Deb Jacques

Photo by Deb Jacques


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — For Macomb Township resident Tim Stolarski, there is just something about the 1974 American Motors Corp.’s Javelin AMX.

“I like the style of it,” Stolarski said of the AMC vehicle. “It’s the second Javelin generation, which I like even more. At the time, cars were flat. This had more curves, and it had a lot more styling to it.”

Stolarski is the recent owner of a “snow white” Javelin he found on an auction site through the Great Lakes Classic AMC Club, of which he is a member. The car, sporting a vinyl green interior, was delivered from the South to Stolarski in March.

“I’ve had it only for a few months,” the car buff said. Since then, he’s tinkered with the classic car, putting his own touches on it. One update was making sure all the windows were aligned properly.

“When I got it, the windows weren’t rolling up and down well. Fifty years of grease turned into cement,” Stolarski said with a laugh. “I took the seats out. My wife (Marlene) and I, we cleaned them up, lubricated them and put them back in.”

He also got the air conditioner working.

“I’m not afraid to attack most of it,” he said. “It’s a sense of accomplishment to make things work that were not.”

The ’74 Javelin AMX comes with the following factory options: automatic transmission, tilt steering column, remote driver’s mirror, AM/FM multiplex 4-four speaker radio, rear defroster, light package, inside hood release, go package, “T” stripe hood decal and space-saver spare.

Stolarski was such a fan of AMC that he worked for the company back in the 1980s.

“I always had an appreciation for American Motor vehicles and then I was fortunate enough to work there,” Stolarski said, “It’s a company that I admired. AMC was the smallest of the car companies in the Detroit area and had to make do with less money and less people. We were very imaginative and worked fast to get things done. We didn’t have time, so you made a decision and you did it.”

According to, the Hudson Motor Car Co. merged with Nash-Kelvinator Corp. to form the American Motors Corp. on May 1, 1954. AMC, based in Southfield, existed until 1987.

“AMC was bought by Chrysler,” said Stolarski, who then spent 20 years working for Chrysler. He was a dedicated employee in finance, pricing, domestic and international procurement, and value and business analysis.

This isn’t the first Javelin that Stolarski has owned. For several years, he drove around town in a green metallic ’74 Javelin. Stolarski and his wife, Marlene Stolarski, often took their previous Javelin to local car shows and cruises. However, Stolarski recently sold it to a man in Ohio.

While the big car shows were canceled in 2020 because of COVID-19, many are back this season, and the Stolarskis — who married in ’74 — look forward to meeting up with other classic car owners this summer. His green Javelin stood out because it was generally the only AMC model present. It was always a conversation piece.

According to Stolarski, “Many people come up and say, ‘That’s very rare.’”

The Stolarskis often meet people who once had an AMC vehicle in the family.

“It seems like everyone had one, and everyone’s brother had one,” Marlene Stolarski said.

Stolarski also once owned a 1975 AMC Pacer.

“It was nice riding,” he remembered. “It was very different. It got a lot of looks. It was very unusual for its time.”

Stolarski is a member of the American Motors Owner Association and the Fun Time Cruzers, which meets from 4 to 8 p.m. every Monday, from May to September, at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights.

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