Danielle Stislicki’s uncle, Chris Paliewicz, sings “This Little Light of Mine” while Danielle’s parents sing behind him during a vigil held Dec. 10, 2016, in Southfield.

Danielle Stislicki’s uncle, Chris Paliewicz, sings “This Little Light of Mine” while Danielle’s parents sing behind him during a vigil held Dec. 10, 2016, in Southfield.

File photo by Donna Agusti

Still searching: family, investigators reflect on Stislicki case at one-year mark

By: Kayla Dimick, Sherri Kolade | C&G Newspapers | Published December 11, 2017


FARMINGTON HILLS/SOUTHFIELD/LIVONIA — It has been a year since anyone has seen Danielle Stislicki. 

Stislicki, 28, of Farmington Hills, has been missing since Dec. 2, 2016. Local and national police agencies have been conducting an investigation for the woman, who was last seen leaving MetLife in Southfield, her place of employment.  

Stislicki’s uncle, Chris Paliewicz, of Shelby Township, has stories of his niece that span decades. Paliewicz’s wife is the sister of Ann Stislicki — Danielle Stislicki’s mother.

Paliewicz said that what has helped the family is the support of the public.

“The support that has come from the community has been what keeps us all going and thinking positively. It’s just been wonderful,” Paliewicz said, adding that total strangers are banding together, becoming friends, empowering each other — “all because of Danielle.”

“It’s very much like what Danielle would do,” he said, adding that the family knew very early on that there was a good chance that the investigation could go on for a long time, possibly even years. 

Paliewicz said that the family has “faith in the process.”

“It’s just not our turn yet. We are hopeful that justice will be served in the Hines Park case ... at the sentencing. Then, hopefully, it will be our turn.”

The Farmington Hills Police Department worked with the Livonia Police Department in investigating the assault of a female jogger in Hines Park in Livonia, according to a previous report. 

The investigations could potentially be related, according to the report. Livonia police arrested a 30-year-old Berkley man, Floyd Galloway Jr., June 27 in connection with the attempted sexual assault in Livonia.

According to police, the detectives investigating the Stislicki case spoke to Galloway in the past and had conducted searches at his Berkley home pertaining to Stislicki’s disappearance.

Galloway is a former security guard who worked for a contracted company that previously provided security at MetLife in Southfield. According to the release, Galloway was acquainted with Stislicki at work.

On Nov. 27, Galloway pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault with intent to commit penetration and assault by strangulation in front of Judge Mark Slavens in the Wayne County 3rd Circuit Court in Detroit. 

Slavens sentenced Galloway Dec. 8 to 16-35 years in prison for kidnapping, 6 1/2-10 years for kidnapping, and 6 1/2-10 years for assault with intent to commit penetration and assault by strangulation. He was also sentenced to lifetime on the sex offender registry.

“We are very pleased that the defendant chose to accept responsibility for the crimes that he committed,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a news release. 

Farmington Hills Police Lt. Paul Nicholas said that not much can be disclosed about the investigation into Stislicki’s disappearance.

“There are no new updates on the case,” he said via email. “The public should know that the case remains open and they should call the Farmington Hills police at (248) 871-2610 if they have any information. The investigation is still ongoing.”

Deputy Chief Nick Loussia, of the Southfield Police Department, said he could not comment on the nature of the investigation, as it is still ongoing and being handled by the Farmington Hills Police Department. 

“We assist the Farmington Hills Police Department on this case, as with any other case, when requested to do so as needed,” Loussia said in an email. 

 Although Stislicki was last seen in Southfield, according to Farmington Hills police, her vehicle was left at her home at Independence Green Apartments in Farmington Hills, in the area of Halsted and Grand River.

Stislicki, 28, is white and has brown, wavy, medium-length hair. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 123 pounds.

She was last seen dressed in blue jeans, a black zip-up shirt, a blue Eddie Bauer coat and burgundy boots. She has a fish tattoo on her hip; a constellation tattoo on her shoulder; a peacock tattoo on the lower left side of her back; and a candy, peanuts and popcorn tattoo on her foot.

Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus said previously that more than 60 search warrants for structures, cars and electronic data have been executed in the search for Stislicki.

For now, Paliewicz said, he is reflecting on memories of his niece growing up.

“Danielle is the oldest grandchild in Ann and my wife’s family,” he said, adding that she arrived a while before the other 13 grandchildren. “She hung out with the aunts and uncles while her cousins were babies.”

Paliewicz said that he remembers the adults watching the movie “Young Frankenstein.”

“Danielle was allowed to join us. She sat between her Uncle Bob and me  — probably the biggest Mel Brooks fans in metro Detroit — and we taught her the finer points of that masterpiece,” Paliewicz said. “We spoke of it often through the years.”

Paliewicz said that he also remembers Stislicki being the center of attention at the summer birthday parties at his house because of her storytelling sessions.

From showing Stislicki how to roast coffee in a popcorn popper to telling her about the medicinal qualities of hops — Paliewicz is a homebrewer — his memories of Stislicki are as vast as they are special.

“I sent her home with a sachet of hops to put under her pillow. Some say they give you good dreams. She was so giddy to try it out,” he said.

Paliewicz said that while reflecting on the memories, he is hoping for the best in the future.

“It has been one hurdle after another, and truthfully ... it’s not even Danielle’s case yet. So, we wait until it is Danielle’s case, all the while spreading her story and maintaining the high level of civility and positivity that we have always strived for,” Paliewicz said. “What we want is to find Danielle. Once that happens, justice will be served.”

Any victims of unreported sexual assaults that might be tied to the cases are asked to call the Farmington Hills Police Department at (248) 871-2610 and to also report the incidents to their local police departments, police said. 

Anyone with information on Stislicki is asked to call the command desk at the Farmington Hills Police Department at (248) 871-2610. The line is manned 24/7, Nebus said.