Police investigating why officer was driven home after traffic stop

By: Mike Koury | Woodward Talk | Published December 4, 2017

FERNDALE — The Ferndale Police Department announced that it is investigating an incident in which a suspected drunken driver, who also is a Roseville police officer, was given a ride home instead of being arrested.

The incident in question occurred at around 12:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 9. On that early morning, according to a police press release, a vehicle was pulled over driving southbound on northbound Woodward Avenue.

The suspected drunken driver was identified as a Roseville police officer. A supervisor was notified of this, and the driver and his passenger were taken to the Ferndale Police Department, and they later were taken home.

On Friday, Nov. 17, Police Chief Timothy Collins said, the administration became aware of the incident after another officer who heard what happened “didn’t feel it was handled properly and eventually came to the administration.”

The next day, according to the press release, an internal investigation was launched, and on Nov. 24, a criminal complaint was submitted for operating under the influence for the Roseville officer.

“We immediately handled it administratively appropriately from that point forward, but there was a lag time, full disclosure, between when it occurred and when the captain and I found out about it,” Collins said.

A representative from the Roseville Police Department could not be reached for comment by press time.

Collins declined to comment more on the matter, as it still is an ongoing investigation, which he expects to be completed this week.

“When something’s under investigation, it is inappropriate to comment on who may have done something wrong or who has not done something wrong. Overall, everybody involved in this particular incident are being reviewed, and then once it has been completed, then a decision would be made as to who is culpable or any type of potential inappropriate conduct,” he said.

Collins did state in the initial press release that the department will undergo an educational program on intoxicated driving.

“Every time that an incident comes up, it appears on our face we didn’t have our A-game on,” he said. “It always is an opportunity to revisit training and to look at internal processes, as well as the knowledge base of the officers, and use this as a learning opportunity, an instructive opportunity, as well. So that’s what we’re going to do.”