Screen capture from Lathrup Village website

Lathrup goes transparent with dashboard website feature

By: Kayla Dimick | Southfield Sun | Published December 22, 2017

LATHRUP VILLAGE — With a click of a button, Lathrup Village residents can stay up to date through the recently revamped dashboard feature on the city’s website. 

Just like a dashboard in a vehicle — where drivers can keep tabs on their speed, fuel level, mileage and more — residents can keep tabs on the goings-on in the city, from the city’s financial status and debt schedule to recent crime activity. 

Interim City Administrator Pam Bratschi said the feature has been available to residents for years, but it was recently placed on the home page in the name of accessibility. 

“This is a terrific method by which to measure the community and its progress,” Assistant City Administrator Ken Marten said. “Residents should take comfort in (that) what they see is accurate and reliable.”

The city’s dashboard is part of a statewide initiative, Bratschi said. 

In 2011, Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law the Economic Vitality and Incentive Program, which changed the way that revenue sharing was distributed to cities across the state, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury. 

Michigan’s dashboards, called Mi Dashboard, were implemented to provide a quick assessment of the state’s performance in key areas, such as economic strength, health, education, quality of life and public safety. 

One of the requirements to receive EVIP funds was that cities make a performance dashboard available to the public. 

For example, by clicking on the Performance Dashboard 2017 link on the city’s website,, residents can view a detailed document on the city’s status throughout the year, and it shows whether that information is different from previous years. 

Bratschi said the tool is helpful for both old and new villagers. 

“It gives them information about the city and where we’re at with our finances and everything,” Bratschi said. “If you’re moving into a city and you want to know the crime in your area, you can go look at the dashboard. It gives you more information without even having to call anyone.”

To view the city’s dashboard, visit