Roland Russell, general manager of Menards in Warren, shows some storm doors at his store Oct. 11.

Roland Russell, general manager of Menards in Warren, shows some storm doors at his store Oct. 11.

Photo by Donna Agusti

Experts say storm doors offer protection, peace of mind

By: Sherri Kolade | Farmington Press | Published October 18, 2017

 There are a lot of features and styles to compare when shopping for storm doors.

There are a lot of features and styles to compare when shopping for storm doors.

Photo by Donna Agusti


METRO DETROIT — Whether you want it for style, safety, insulation  or something else, storm doors are abundant in colors, designs and price points. 

The question is, which door do you open that leads you to your perfect one? 

Roland Russell, general manager of Menards in Warren, said that his store has a large selection of storm doors.

“When people come in, we have plenty of displays people can go through,” he said, adding that most of the storm doors on display are available in multiple colors, select styles and other options, such as door hinges on the left or right side.

Russell said that a lot of customers have an idea of what kind of storm door they want. That includes if they want an adjustable screen on it.

Russell noted that glass screens in the winter and mesh screens in the summer offer versatility during all the seasons. He added that having pets is a huge factor too.

“Durability is a big one — a lot of people look for pet doors; we have a huge selection,” he said.

Russell said that the store has special orders for storm doors that vary in price range at

Corie Conroy, a professional home stager and interior decorator in Bloomfield Hills and owner of First Impression Home Staging, agreed that it is important to look at storm doors for more than their function, because style goes a long way.

“I can’t impress upon the importance of a good quality front door, because it really sets the tone to the outside of your home, and when somebody walks up to your house, that is the first thing they are going to see,” Conroy said, adding that visitors are going to notice the front door’s hardware, color and more.

“The smile, if you will, on the front of your house (is important),” she said, noting that a good storm door is not complete without a nice-looking front door that can add an extra touch to the exterior house.

Conroy also said that a storm door’s energy efficiency is the secret to preserving heat.

“Storm doors ... create dead air space between the storm door and ... front door to conserve energy, which is wonderful,” she said.

Conroy always recommends a full-view storm door.

“The full-view storm door in front of a nice-looking front door is really my preference as a designer,” she said, adding that the full-view storm door doesn’t distract from the front door.

She did say that while she does not think that storm doors are going to make one’s front entry look better, she does feel that having a high-quality front door — coupled with a full-view storm door — is the answer.

“It still highlights, and you can still see your nice front door,” she said.

Conroy, who currently lives in a newer home with a covered porch sans storm door, said that her last home, an older home, had one. She noted that her last home needed extra insulation.

“I feel if our house is energy efficient enough that I would just leave it (a storm door) off,” she said, adding that her last home had a full-view storm door with a nice door behind it.

Her current home’s back door has a screen.

Conroy said that she would recommend for anyone purchasing a storm door to get one that won’t take away from what they already have in “the beauty of (their) front porch.”

Farmington Hills resident Tim Tutak, of the Farmington Hills/Farmington Emergency Preparedness Commission, said during a recent interview that he installed his storm door — to his home’s garage entrance — 20 years ago, shortly after he moved in. Tutak, who encourages people to stay safe and prepared during emergencies, said that a storm door is an added piece of protection for someone to potentially deter criminals.

“Locking a storm door … provides one more layer of protection. If someone wants to come into the house, they got to make some noise while they’re breaking into the storm door. ... It slows them down a little bit,” Tutak said.

Tutak, who has never had his door come off during a bad storm, said he would recommend that everyone get a storm door if they don’t have one.

“They are relatively easy to install if you have some skills,” he said, adding that his door is aluminium framed with an interchangeable glass/screen panel.