A policy passed by the Macomb Township Board of Trustees on Dec. 6 aims to make it easier for local groups to rent the Lucido River Park event space for weekly meetings by offering a $25 discount on a two-hour rental.

A policy passed by the Macomb Township Board of Trustees on Dec. 6 aims to make it easier for local groups to rent the Lucido River Park event space for weekly meetings by offering a $25 discount on a two-hour rental.

Photo by Dean Vaglia

Macomb Township Board of Trustees approves policies for new parks

By: Dean Vaglia | Macomb Chronicle | Published December 15, 2023


MACOMB TOWNSHIP — Residents and organizations looking to make the most out of Macomb Township’s newest parks have some additional fine print to read following the Dec. 6 Board of Trustees meeting.

As Pitchford Park and Lucido River Park continue to take shape, policies approved by trustees lay out further rules for how either park’s facilities can be used. At Lucido River Park, located at 52127 North Ave., an amendment was approved to make the former Lions Club property easier for local community groups to rent out.

“We passed the Lucido Park rental and reservation policy a few months back,” Macomb Township Supervisor Frank Viviano said. “In the interim, before we started making that building available to rent, we started getting requests from local community groups to use it in what we consider to be off-times — midweeks, mornings — for basic meetings. We wanted to make sure that Macomb Township community-based groups could take advantage of this property and use it for purposes like that.”

The new policy enshrines a discount allowing certain groups to use the hall at Lucido River Park for two hours at a rate of $25 Monday through Thursday. The discount is open to groups either based in the township or have township residents as a majority of its membership. Requests for the discount will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the township parks and recreation director and approved by the township supervisor. Examples of organizations that would qualify for the discount, as listed in meeting documents, include the Friends of Macomb Township, the Macomb Mustangs Youth Football and Cheer Club, and the Macomb County Chamber of Commerce.

Rules approved for Pitchford Park, located at 49625 Romeo Plank Rd., govern the fees and processes for purchasing access passes to the dog park. Residents pay $30 and nonresidents pay $46 for an annual pass from the parks and recreation department, and they pay $10 for a key fob. Seniors and township recreation center members have a 50% discount on their annual pass fees. Annual pass applicants must show proof their dog has a current license and up-to-date vaccinations. Up to three dogs can be registered to a pass, but only two can be brought to the park at a time.

“We checked with all the dog parks in southeast Michigan (for annual fee comparisons),” said Salvatore DiCaro, parks and recreation director. “We really didn’t reinvent the wheel. Most of the policies, rules and regulations are what other communities are doing.”

Dog park annual passes go into effect on Feb. 1, 2024. The playgrounds, athletic courts and other park amenities do not require a pass to access.

Additionally, trustees purchased $1,505 in sod for Pitchford Park from Oliver Sod Farm at a discounted rate used for prior sod purchases in September. Trustee Charles Oliver, owner of Oliver Sod Farm, did not vote on the purchase.

Board appointments
Trustees approved 12 appointments to various boards and committees on Dec. 6.

David DeCoster and David Pieper were reappointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals for terms ending Dec. 31, 2026. Dan Spatafora and Michael Hardy were reappointed to the Planning Commission for terms ending Dec. 31, 2026, and Oliver was chosen to remain its liaison for the Board of Trustees until Dec. 31, 2024. Ed Teller and Ed Gallagher were reappointed to the Historical Commission for terms ending Dec. 31, 2026. Elizabeth Clemens, Phyllis Sharbo and Kenneth Siegle were reappointed to the Board of Review for terms ending Dec. 31, 2025. Richard Maierle was reappointed to the ACT 345 Fire Retirement System Board for a term ending Dec. 31, 2027, while Paul Mazzara was appointed to serve on the ethics committee for a term ending on Dec. 31, 2026.