Furniture order could wrap up renovations at senior center

By: Kristyne E. Demske | St. Clair Shores Sentinel | Published March 2, 2018

ST. CLAIR SHORES — With the approval of the purchase of new furniture for the St. Clair Shores Senior Activity Center, the renovation and expansion project there is nearly complete.

Senior Activity Center Director Carly Podzikowski told City Council Feb. 20 that the first time they put the furniture out for bids, they received only one proposal. They rebid the project with a few changes, she said, and then received seven bids. 

The department “just as easily could have come with the one bid, but we didn’t think that was the right way to do it,” City Manager Mike Smith said. “I think we got a better price this way and got better equipment to choose from.”

The second time, the city received bids from seven companies on the equipment. The lowest bidder only submitted bids on the chairs in the office furniture request for proposals, so it was disqualified. The second-lowest bid came in from Integrity Business Solutions, at $14,942.78. The center had budgeted $60,000 for office furniture.

A chess/backgammon game table and a 48-inch round table, however, will be purchased from Wayfair, Podzikowski said, for less than $750, because all bidders were using third-party sites for those particular items and the Wayfair price was a better deal.

Councilman John Caron said he is excited to get the new furniture to the center, especially the new table for the conference room. 

The new table will allow for larger committees to be able to all meet around the table, he said, because it will accommodate 14 chairs with leaves that can be added to the table. 

The city also evaluated splitting the bids to get individual pieces at the cheapest prices, but Podzikowski said that there wasn’t a large enough savings doing that to warrant splitting the bid.

She said she is not sure when the furniture will be delivered, but said that all major projects in the senior center renovation and expansion have been completed. Once the furniture arrives, she said, there will likely be a grand re-opening of the center.